An Example of the Games People Are Playing On Facebook Concerning the Hampstead Case

Posted on Facebook on the Dave McGowan Study Group – Killers, Laurel Canyon, Moon, Pedophocracy

Andrea Skolnik
November 19 at 12:57am · Edited

As a relatively new member I ask if there is moderation in this group . I joined here to study and share the work of Dave McGowan. I have been returning to stay updated on his health . In the recent weeks I receive notifications repeatedly through the day from the same member who keeps posting new threads . This member has a webpage of his own and daily promotes that page here and has to a degree hijacked this group . I moderate many JFK research groups and an easy fix for this is to give these types of members a dedicated thread that they can link in and if they stay in that thread their new threads do not monopolize the entire wall. When this happens and other webpages are highlighted you are losing the impact of McGowans work and simply advertising for various websites . I will copy and paste the comment I made in the thread I refer to as record that I addressed it with that member in public . I do not wish to start a flame war here , I enjoy this group and the links found here , I simply wish to express a concern as a member and offer solutions that I have seen work in these situations . Thank you .

but today she posted this…

Andrea Skolnik: I posted that because I intend to block you effective immediately , Whine all you like , Make whatever allegations you wish . You are wasting everyones time here and alienating readers with your nonsense. When I block you You will simply go to a new thread and cause drama there . When no one responds to your posts you seek conflict out and pick fights . It is obvious what you are by your posts here . The real shame is that you are effectively destroying this group when the person that the focus should be on is Dave McGowan while he is on his death bed and I will no longer assist you in doing that so I am blocking you .
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So she asks if there is a moderator- but then comes forward showing that the moderator is her. So which one is it? Cause both obviously can’t be true. And the problem all started because I took on reporting the Hampstead case. But I just wanted to show that these are the types of games that the opposition is playing on the internet.

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