Info on the Cover-Up in Hampstead

“Mrs Justice Pauffley of the family division found, after a hearing lasting 11 days, that: ‘There was no Satanic cult at which babies were murdered and children were abused.’”

THIS is the very type of investigation that has occurred with regards to the Hampstead children coming out and claiming that they were ritually sexually abused. What kind of investigation into things like this only take 11 days? All of the pedophile rings that have been busted have always taken months, at least, to complete- and were done with TEAMS of people. Mrs. Pauffley is now expecting everyone to believe that she has done what NO OTHER PERSON has ever done before- conducting a “thorough” investigation and concluding that there was no wrong doing on the part of the accused. AND YET- the UK is passing gag laws, rewriting the laws to protect the accused, and am now trying to lower the age of consent to 10 or below.

One has to ask how detailed this 11 day investigation was. Was there any forensic work done on the places that were named? Did this “investigation” include anything other than Mrs. Pauffley speaking with the accused? It is like it was here in America- the accused investigated themselves and surprisingly found themselves innocent of any wrong doing. Of course- what happened in America took MUCH LONGER than 11 days. Less than two weeks of looking into it- and Mrs. Pauffley concluded there was no merit to these accusations. But if you watch the children talking in the videos- they neither seem like they were coached or that they spoke under the threat of physical abuse- like it has been decided by the very people involved with the children’s allegations.

How can anyone conclude that these claims were bogus in 11 days? It seems to me as that this “investigation” of 11 DAYS is nothing more than an attempt to whitewash and cover up what the children claimed. We are to assume that Mrs. Pauffley looked into all the specifics of the children’s allegations, did the forensic work that would be needed- checked cell phones and such to see if the people accused were even there- and she did this ALL BY HERSELF IN A TIME SPAN OF LESS THAN TWO WEEKS?

If any of you believe this- then please contact me- cause I have a bridge to sell you on Mars.

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