A Comment Sent to Me About Noreen Gosch and the New Documentary “Who Took Johnny”

Friends in Omaha just viewed a new documentary called “Who Took Johnny”, all about the abduction of Johnny Gosch in West Des Moines in the 80’s. Here is the comment:

“I’ll be real fast here..got to get trash out and I hear them up the street LOL but yes, the film was very strange, and the Galinsky guy was on skype at the end– Norreen contradicted several issues, and the film said nothing about her husband John as setting up Johnny. It was weird. I found a short film int. with ted gunderson where she outright talks about her husband. very strange. I don’t want doubts about her to thwart the concerns about human trafficking.”

As I suspected- this documentary is just more lies from Noreen Gosch about her son’s abduction. Here is an interview with her talking about the film…

The thing that grabs me most about this interview is that she claims that many of the abducted and trafficked boys were just “let go” when this pedophile group was done with them, and yet- NOT ONE HAS COME FORWARD TO SPEAK ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM. So this group of elite pedophiles who were abducting kids all over the nation just let their victims go I guess. She once told me the same happened to her son Johnny- and that he had been hiding out on Indian reservations since his release- although no one but Noreen can confirm this. She says she has witnesses, and yet NOT ONE PERSON has come forward publicly to affirm this allegation.

In fact- her argument with Nick Bryant- the author of the book “The Franklin Scandal”, all occurred because Bryant went on a mission to flush Johnny out. Before they were fast friends- but after this Noreen went on a campaign against him. I believe that this was because there IS NO JOHNNY to flush out- that he was murdered a long time ago, and that Noreen Gosch doesn’t want this known- as there IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON MURDER. Claiming that he is still alive, people can just figure he was a part of some unfortunate circumstances, keeping people from delving to far into the whole mess. Her claims that there are many who were abducted and survived their ordeal and are too frightened to come forward doesn’t hold water- esp. since there is NO PROOF that this is even factual. All anyone has to base their opinions on is Noreen’s word- and as my friend stated concerning this new documentary- Noreen has a problem of contradicting herself.

By her own admission- most of her “investigation” is based on the testimony of a convicted pedophile Paul Bonnaci- who can tell stories about the Bush White House and places all over the country- but hasn’t said a word about what exactly was happening in Omaha Nebraska- his hometown that he has lived in all of his life. Considering that it was BONNACI’S testimony to the grand jury in the 80’s that convinced people that the whole Franklin credit scandal was some “carefully crafted hoax”, to base an entire investigation on this guy is suspect to say the least. But Noreen has done JUST THIS, and is expecting everyone to just take her word for it.

Considering that this whole elite pedophile group is starting to gain more and more attention- esp. in Europe- I am wondering if Noreen isn’t doing the same thing Paul Bonnaci did in the 80’s- setting herself up to look like a liar in order to help discredit in people’s minds the whole pedophile group, hoping for the same outcome- as if she is deemed a liar, then this whole child abduction and trafficking ring gets dismissed as false. What I know for certain- based on my personal experience with Noreen Gosch and this group of pedophiles, is that Noreen IS a liar, and this group of elite pedophiles is REAL. Just because Noreen Gosch and Paul Bonnaci are liars doesn’t negate this fact even in the least.

I look forward to seeing “Who Took Johnny”, and will do so as soon as humanly possible- but for now- I have to be content that others- way less involved, have come away with their own concerns and misgivings.

sent to me about the above video…

“Here’s what a friend and I put together last night–This is kind of hard to follow, because that tape is so chopped up———–“At the 1:00:00 mark: How did they know Johnny Gosch would be alone that morning?
“We had made prior arrangements with Johnny’s father.” ~Paul Bonacci

1:24:00 “…about my son’s case and the related Franklin Credit Union cover up.” ~Noreen Gosch

1:35:40 Mention of Dennis Whelan, private investigator from Omaha. She says Mr. Whelan told her there was an auction of children (26 boys) near Houston, Texas.

1:38:00 Mention of a catalog of children, not yet kidnapped, in the belongings of an arrested pedophile.””

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