The Hypocrisy of American Christianity

Lately it has been virtually impossible to escape the debate over gay marriage, as there are some who believe that it is an abomination in God’s eyes- mostly by those who claim to be Christian. I have soul searched a great deal about this issue myself, and I wanted to share my conclusions.

I am not going to debate homosexuality. By now, most of us have already made up our minds about the subject- and nothing I say will influence or sway anyone one way or another. What I want to deal with is Christianity and the Bible.

No Christian will deny that Jesus Christ claimed he WAS the law. There is not ONE Christian out there who doesn’t claim that they follow Jesus Christ, almost always calling him “Lord and Savior”. I have to admit that I DO regard myself as a Christian- and Jesus Christ and God are incredibly important to me. Believing in God and wanting to do right by Heaven gives me strength, and most of my day involves concerning myself with what is right.

In saying this- I want to point out that Jesus gave mankind TWO commandments. Love God and love your fellow man. ANYTHING ELSE IS AN ABOMINATION UNTO HEAVEN. Yes, I have a problem sometimes making judgements, and I, like EVERY OTHER PERSON ALIVE, sometimes have issues measuring up to these two commandments. But that is MY business, and my relationship with God is between God and myself- and doesn’t involve what any one else thinks. So when I fail- that is between God and myself- and as far as I am concerned- everyone else can bugger off. No one has walked in my shoes- just as I haven’t walked in any other person’s shoes, and I personally believe that any one who wants to judge me or criticize me is only offering their uneducated opinions and I am not interested in what they think or believe.

American’s are the loudest to call themselves Christians- and yet we allow our government to spend TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to murder other people. Taking another person’s life IS abhorrent to God, and yet we stand proud doing so- as we saw with the hoopla of Chris Kyle and American Sniper. We go into other people’s countries, not to save them- but in order to covet what they have. We declared war with Iraq out of RETRIBUTION, although now we have learned that we went to war over lies. We claim to follow Jesus, and yet we claim LOUDER that we need to wipe ISIS off the face of the Earth, claiming that murdering people is God’s will. How anyone came to this conclusion is beyond me- as it goes against EVERYTHING Jesus Christ taught. But hey- we have convinced ourselves that we are righteous in our slaughter.

Here in America- there is a strong push to punish the poor- and take back what we have decided was never theirs in the first place. Of course- anyone who thinks that the money our government is going to take from the poor will somehow find its way into our own personal pockets is deluding themselves, but still we claim that it is our RIGHT. We would allow the sick, the poor, the disabled, and the elderly to starve and tell ourselves it is okay because it is their fault for the situation they are in. Not because we love God- but because we want to COVET what they have in order to fill our own pockets further.

It is no wonder that the Christian faith is losing members IN DROVES. However, we don’t concern ourselves with that but rather gays who want to get married. Some of the very people yelling the loudest about “traditional” marriage are, themselves, divorced several times over- which is more damaging to marriage than any gay couple getting married, and yet this is disregarded while we sit self satisfied that we are doing God’s will.

God has not become so ineffectual that Heaven needs ANY OF US to enforce God’s will. If someone is sinning- it is neither your RIGHT nor your RESPONSIBILITY to do ANYTHING OTHER THAN LOVE THAT PERSON. THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. And so while many of you are screaming about gays getting married- maybe you should DO WHAT YOU WERE INSTRUCTED BY JESUS and follow the only two laws he gave us. Before you pick up a rock and throw it at a sinner- maybe you should DO WHAT YOU WERE TOLD and take the log out of your own eye first.

Just a thought.

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