Some Words of Advice for Pedophiles Who Wish To Explore Their Urges

First, give it a little time. Seems that there is a concerted effort to make your desires into a disorder and when it is claimed that it is a disease, you will no longer be hated for your desires. Everyone will feel sorry for you and look at you as if you have a disease, instead of being morally corrupt.

Second, hook up with groups of rich pedophiles. They are NEVER caught, and when they are, society seems to have a tendency to look the other way. Besides, rich people have access to WAY more child sex toys than you can if you are poor.

Lastly, if your need to rape a child is so strong you can’t control yourselves, convince the child you are a devil worshiper and that your having sex with them is a tribute to the Devil. This is a SURE FIRE WAY that the child won’t be believed, and if they tell their parents and they report you- the courts and the media will vilify them instead of you.

Society is coming to the point where pedophilia and those who “suffer” from wanting to have sex with children will be viewed with pity instead of disdain. Historically, children have no rights and are never believed, and so your chances of raping a child and getting away with it are much more in your favor now.

But if you just focus on these three avenues, you will be fine. Rape all the children that you want. HAVE A PARTY. The police, the Judicial system, and society as a whole will just look the other way and maybe even offer their children up to you. We protect our pedophiles, and soon, if the system has it’s way in normalizing pedophiles, you may even be thanked for your services.

Of course I don’t have any children, so please don’t expect me to join in on this. However, it seems there are plenty who will. The day is yours, so go, have all the fun you want raping children. Besides, since you are incapable of controlling your disorder, no one will blame you. We are all just a victim of our instincts and urges anyway.

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