Regarding the UK Child Abuse Scandal


I find it interesting that in America- when a judge rules in favor of gay marriage, it causes an uproar. But when ONE JUDGE claims that their isn’t a group of pedophiles who are being protected and says that the child victims are lying- everyone just takes her word for it.

Could the judge be wrong? So many allegations made but she determined it was all false in the span of two weeks- supposedly interviewing 16 witnesses. Considering the veracity of the claims- and the powerful and rich people who are named- could this just be a cover up? I mean- cases like this only get investigated and solved this fast on television. Usually it takes some time- and there is more than JUST ONE JUDGE doing the investigation.

Who knows. But it seems incredibly odd to me- esp. considering the claims that are coming out in the UK against so many powerful people.

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