A Reply to the Attacks On Me on the Internet

I went online and googled my name today and found out that I am being attacked by a couple people and would like to answer these allegations to get my side out. It is typical for survivors, such as myself, to be dismissed and lied about so that people won’t listen to what we have to say- so I don’t take it personally. However, I think that it is best if I deal with this so that people can read what I have to say about the whole situation.

First- I will deal with James Lico. The man was my roommate for a short time- but I found him to be so unstable that I kicked him out. He never slept- and the more he stayed awake- the more delusional he became. Convinced that my neighbors were inundating him with secret electronic microwave weapons- he spent days drawing “lines of sight” on my neighbors houses. Later on I learned that he is an adderal addict. Taking the speed like drug like candy- it was the reason why he never slept. Yelling at people on my back deck who weren’t there- when I asked him about it he claimed that he was “yelling at his perps”. Convinced that he is being attacked- he put metal that sheds are made of around his bed, and wears magnets all over his body, convinced that this would prevent him from being attacked by machines he was convinced the government gave my neighbors. He also had magnets all over his room and above his bed. He says that his reasoning is none of my business, but it wasn’t long before I realized that the man is really unstable. One only has to go to his blog JamesLico.com to see what he is all about. Convinced that his neighbors and the rest of the world are out to get him- I found the man to be so paranoid that he scared me. I was afraid that he would hurt me- or worse, my neighbors- and so I removed him from my house- but not before I turned his arsenal of guns and loaded clips over to the police. Although he has tried over and over to procure more weapons- he is upset that his name is blacklisted which denies him from obtaining more weapons, and he blames me for this. He has made a lot of claims against me that are untrue- and I can only feel sorry for the man because he is obviously very sick. Anyone who reads his blog can see this.

The other attack is being made by satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves. Claiming that I am delusional and a liar- he makes the same claims about anyone who claims they suffered the same type of abuse that I did. I have never spoken about a satanic calendar- and have no idea about lunar cycles- and yet he claims that I have gone on and on about it- although I have NEVER spoken about such a thing on my blog. His comments at the end of his article David Shurter’s Epic Fail- shows that he has been in contact with my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter and my half sister Christina Marie Shurter/Blumpkin- but even those are a lie. His time frame on my life is wrong- I went into the hospital when I was 13, and after leaving my father’s house at 18 I never went back to live with them. His attacks are typical- he does this to anyone who talks about their abuse. For those of you who don’t know who he is- here is his pic.


Obviously the guy has issues. If you google his name- you will see that he has a lot of problems with the law- and what he claims about me is exactly what he is guilty of. Once the spokesperson for the False Memory Syndrome Foundation- he is a prime example of what this group is all about. Doing anything he can to gain attention, he will stop at nothing to get his name out- including pulling out his privates for the national media. If you wish to trust a man who named himself after another man who wrote a book on the special attention pedophiles should give children when molesting them- you do so at your own risk. Writing his article under the anonymous name “Public Speaker”, he is also the Doug that made comments to himself under it. However- the info that he gives on me- although totally incorrect- shows that he is working with my stepmother- who was HEAVILY involved in my father’s activities. The comments I made about Mark and Walt in my book Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story stand. I do not know if they were guilty or not- but my guess is that they weren’t. Even so- there was a lot of people involved with the child exploitation that never came to light. The documentary A Conspiracy of Silence, found on YouTube- also say this. The people involved were my parents friends- I didn’t just make up my relationship with them- and those who say I did are those who were no where involved with what was going on in Omaha. This is just an attempt to defame me in order to prevent anyone from listening to me. Also I have many interviews out there that people can listen too- so make the determination for yourselves as to whether I sound crazy or not. These are typical tactics to those who work for the False Memory Foundation- and just determine- looking at the pic I have posted- whether this boy is to be trusted or not. Someone who exposes themselves in public- in front of the national media- obviously has issues, and I find it amusing that he will go on and on about me without ever taking his own actions into account.

On Amazon I am fighting with a troll named Critthink. This guy is a 6’5 transvestite- although he goes on and on that he is transsexual. Ingratiating himself into survivors lives- he is obsessed with a woman who just threw a conference that was first of its kind. A proud member of the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad- he also goes by the name Menagerie, a name which means “a wild animal used for exhibition”. Going out of his way to hurt women who are survivors- this guy is one of the ugliest women I have ever laid eyes on. Group calling survivors- he and his group are trying to hurt and isolate women who have been hurt terribly in their childhoods through ritual abuse, mind control, and satanic ritual abuse. Proving that this group will stop at nothing to hurt survivors, he and his group have gone all over the internet attacking anyone who claims that they are suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Changing names and generally trying to stay anonymous with their attacks- this is typical behavior of the pedophile protection squad. Going on and on about how he infiltrated this past conference- he didn’t change his toon until he learned that I knew he was Menagerie. Of course- he spoke to me and I actually got to lay eyes on him- as did many other people. It is all games with this group- and they do everything they can to attack and hurt survivors in hopes that they can prevent the truth of our abuse from ever coming out.

There is no way to stop the lies that are being generated, so I am not even going to try. All I ask is that people research what I have said and judge for themselves whether or not I seem crazy or not. ALWAYS calling survivors liars or crazy- these are the same old tactics that the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad constantly uses. Of course- they are ALWAYS anonymous- except for Doug Mesner- who obviously is so proud of his privates that he will do whatever he can to show it off to the world. I am just going to keep doing what I have- and helping those I can- and am going to do my best to ignore the lies that are being generated by this group. Of course- if Joanne C. Shurter hadn’t sealed my father’s medical records, where my father admitted his crimes in the daily notes- I would have more than my older sisters corroboration on the whole thing. But Joanne, and my half sister Christina- who was 9 when I left home- are doing their best to gain the help of the pedophile protection squad. Reading Doug’s comments on David Shurter’s Epic Fail- they have obviously been successful in doing so. However- I am not worried about it. My older sister has all kinds of documentation regarding our abuse- and if this ever does go to court- which my stepmother is desperately trying to avoid- it will be easy to prove my sister and my claims. Regardless of what a bunch of anonymous trolls online have to say about it.

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  1. idiosinc

     /  November 4, 2014

    you getting the attention of “official” satanist says a lot, it gives a whole lot of weight to your story_a few more people just need the heart to come out and expose it more in that area of Nebraska not to mention all over the globe. I feel the liars and lies in “high places” are starting to break down from the effort of making all the bs seem coherent for so many years, and it will come crashing down on them soon enough.