A New Conversation Between Christina Blumpkin/Shurter and I on Amazon

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CBNewMom says:
So, David, you CHOSE, yet again, to go against your word. You said you would leave me out of this if I left you alone. I’ve held up my part of the bargain. You now have not.

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LoessJedi says:
and yet doug mesner/lucien greaves knows things about my past he could only have heard from your camp. please explain how that is possible.

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CBNewMom says:
“MY CAMP”? What, are we at war? Seriously…you have first world problems that really are questioable. David, I didn’t insert myself into this, you chose to force me into it. I haven’t engaged in conversation with anyone but Felicity (as admitted MONTHS ago). Is there something that you don’t want others to know or are you simply upset that a timeline of your life was posted by someone you don’t like? Just because he has a timeline doesn’t mean that it was either me or my Mom. There are many people out there that know you and your history who have come forward via Amazon or elsewhere to discuss their relative disdain for you and your actions. Why does it have to be from “my camp”?

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LoessJedi says:
oh really? who? and even though the timeline was wrong- that info could only come from your camp. You have constantly gone after me ever since my book was written- and you mother has gone after me all her life. She is my primary abuser in all of this. But I would like to know who has known me that could give specifics- however incorrect- about me. Going to go live with my mom for a few months was the clue. No one knows of that. You broke your word, and so I acted accordingly.

and, contrary to your info- I wasn’t running the streets when I was with her. I never had ANY dealings with the police when I was with her. in fact I never was involved with the police ever- with either parent.

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CBNewMom says:
Ummmmm….that article was written on December 22, 2013. Well before I was forced into this. So, “I” broke my word? REALLY???? Don’t think so. And, if you read the comments on your book as an objective, and I stress OBJECTIVE observer, you will notice that there are people who know you and know about your past who also don’t belive the things you post about. I don’t know who it was nor do I care. What I care about is the fact that you betrayed the agreement that we made. I didn’t break it. You did. You Google something and react with no thought.

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CBNewMom says:
And, I do have to disagree with you about not having any run ins with the law. What about the car you took and wrecked? Doesn’t that count?

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LoessJedi says:
Jim wrote that after I refused to let him live with me. In the comment section I posted an interview he gave me that says just the opposite. Going to live with my mom was never anything I spoke about, basically cause I believed my father and ripped her heart out in the process. You have lied about me and too me over and over- so I have absolutely no reason to trust you. It is best that people know you and your mother are out there causing issues for me. You set me up to get beaten over and over as a child. To say that I have no trust for you is an understatement.

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LoessJedi says:
the police were never called when I intentionally wrecked your mother’s car. oh wait- I stayed out all night in order to keep from getting beaten- but the police were only called to try and find me. The car was a non issue to everyone but my father and your mother. Obviously since I didn’t get into any trouble for it. Dad knew I did it intentionally and I was always amused that your mother had to drive it when the insurance company refused to total it.

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CBNewMom says:
Fine. You don’t trust me. In so many statements you said that I was too young to know what was going on or to even begin to understand the situation. So, with that in mind, I’d like to know HOW I set you up as a CHILD to get beaten? If I was SO stupid to not recognize what was going on how was I SO smart to set you up? You are full of contradictions. My Mom and I have stayed quiet and in the background whilst ou have gone out and publicly slandered both of us with your delusions. You are NOT a Survivor. You’re a liar. Maybe you don’t see yourself as such but that’s exactly what you are. Simply stated, a liar.

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CBNewMom says:
So you agree that the police HAD been involved when you were younger? And, yes, they were called so that my Mom and Dad could make sure that you were OK. You didn’t run away from being beaten by my Mom. Maybe our Father but not my Mom. You were always the aggressor with my Mom. I have many memories of that (even though I was a child and “too young” to see what was going on) And, your sadistic, sociopathic admission that you got pleasure from the fact that she had to drive a wrecked car just goes to show how much of a derelict you were then and how much of one you are now.

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LoessJedi says:
lol- ya= Cindy Stephen Kathy and I all have said the same thing and the only ones telling the truth are you and your mother- who was HEAVILY involved in the abuse. Filling the toilet with toilet paper got me beat- after you ate chocolate pudding out of the refrigerator- I had to eat it like a dog and get beat at the same time. You were a spoiled pretentious brat who only thought of herself. You were 9 when I left home- you have no clue what the four of us endured as children- and yet you try to speak with authority. I am not full of contradictions- and Kathy- who is older than both of us- can attest to the truth of what I have said. Your mom hasn’t stayed quiet nor have you. You contacted everyone and anyone you could to threaten them from helping me. You have no idea what your mother was guilty of before you were born. You are just going on her lies. In all these years- you haven’t changed at all.

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LoessJedi says:
your mom attacked me physically over and over. Even the school can attest to that. Your mom has NEVER been afraid of me- it was her who came up to me in Nebraska Furniture Mart- as the court records show. She only got a protection order on me in order to try and stop me from writing my blog and publishing my book. Funny how selective your memory is. Makes me wonder how much you are actually involved in what she was.

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CBNewMom says:
I’m not involving Kathy in this only because she has children that deserve to be respected. Even IF I disagree with everything she says, I believe that she and her kids deserve the privacy that they desire. YOU have taken that away from them.

To address the issues you just posted. You might be misconstruing the time when Cindy’s kids lived with us and dumped a ton of food that they didn’t like down the toilets. Six kids plus two adults and one bathroom would guarantee a backup.

When you and I were kids, there were few sugary items allowed in the house due to the fact that you would eat them all and go crazy afterwards. Maybe you had/have food allergies…who knows. What I know is that I NEVER clogged a toilet to get you beat. Why would I? I know/knew what it was like to suffer Dad’s wrath. There was NO reason for me to put you under the bus. YOU always thought that “WE” were the second family. Do you REALLY want me to post about all the horrible things you did to me? I’d rather not.

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CBNewMom says:
Do you even REMEMBER your behavior in the courtroom?

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CBNewMom says:
But…am I not too young to be involved???? I know and knew nothing CORRECT??!!! Answer the question David. Answer the question.

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LoessJedi says:
they would all be lies Christina- just as the things you have posted before have been lies. I don’t need you to redefine my abuse. I went to go live with my mom when Cindy lived there- or I guess I don’t remember that right either. Kathy’s oldest son came forward on amazon and you basically called him a liar as well. Just like your mom- you are convinced that you are the only one telling the truth. Funny- I don’t seem to have a problem with sugar now- nor did I then. You fit into this group- as you will twist and lie about anything you need to in order to be right. Just like your mother.

If there is nothing to be afraid of- then have your mom release my father’s medical records. His hospice nurse told Kathy at his funeral that we needed to see his daily notes. If there is nothing to be concerned about- this shouldn’t be a problem.

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LoessJedi says:
i have it posted on my website Christina. I remember it verbatim.

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LoessJedi says:
you were 9 when i left home. no- you didn’t know what I went through as a kid- nor do you have a clue what cindy stephen and kathy went through. Kathy has the paperwork to show the types of abuse- and why she was taken out of their house.

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CBNewMom says:
I know this is going to be deleted but F YOU DAVID!!!!! F YOU for even IMPLYING that you know ANYTHING about the end of my Dad’s life. You were ostercized because of your neurosis (which is a mild desciption of what you have) and you weren’t THERE to help him walk to the bathroom, to eat, to DO ANYTHING so F YOU and all of your effing lackeys…..whomever they may be. Dad’s medical records were sealed BECAUSE of you. BECAUSE YOU ARE MENTALLY UNSTABLE. Who would want to deal with that/you?

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LoessJedi says:
I saw dad the last week of his life. I helped him build his front deck. You will say anything you can to keep from answering the question- what is there to be afraid of? He told Kathy before he died the same thing he told mike and I- that he had skeletons in his closet. again- if there is nothing to be afraid of- release his medical records. but we both know that your mom is never going to do that because dad was coming clean in the end. and Kathy wasn’t alone- she had her best friend with her- who will also attest to what I am saying.

it is a simple way to end all of this. release the hold on his medical records.

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LoessJedi says:
oh- and no one who actually knows me thinks I am mentally unstable. I have never had any history other than having PTSD. What do you think would happen if I got a hold of them Christina? That is a dumb excuse. You KNOW why those records are sealed. Again it makes me wonder how much you were involved with what my father and your mother were doing.

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CBNewMom says:
Guess what genius …I can’t. Nor can you. You helped him build his front deck? When? Not in his last weeks. I was there. I helped him. Eat, to the bathroom, from the bed to his sitting place. What is there to be afraid of? Nothing. You are a pain in the ass and that’s all there is to it.

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CBNewMom says:
I beg to differ.

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LoessJedi says:
I hope you dont mind but I just published our conversation to my blog for posterity. That way nothing we said to each other gets deleted. and no- it wasn’t in his last weeks that I helped him build his deck. But he called me to his house when Cindy was there last and I ended up taking care of him for awhile. My father loved me. Which is more than I can say for you. He told me that he had made a mistake choosing Joanne over us. And his funeral showed just how much you all loved him. He was a liar and a fraud at cards just like he was a liar and a fraud in life and although some would of considered him a piece of art- most just considered him a piece of work. I have the disk of his funeral- Joanne C. Shurter was dumb enough to send it to me. Which shows how scared of me she WASN’T.

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