Florida Town Must Open Meeting With Satanic Prayer or Violate Supreme Court Ruling

The world is going to hell and it is being driven by insolent young ass wipes who have no morality or judge of what is sacred. They all follow their newly appointed leader- Lucien Greaves- who is quoted as saying….

“Let us stand now, unbowed and unfettered by arcane doctrines born of fearful minds in darkened times. Let us embrace the Luciferian impulse to eat of the Tree of Knowledge and dissipate our blissful and comforting delusions of old. Let us demand that individuals be judged for their concrete actions, not their fealty to arbitrary social norms and illusory categorizations. Let us reason our solutions with agnosticism in all things, holding fast only to that which is demonstrably true. Let us stand firm against any and all arbitrary authority that threatens the personal sovereignty of One or All. That which will not bend must break, and that which can be destroyed by truth should never be spared its demise. It is Done. Hail Satan.” Lucien Greaves, The Satanic Temple


what a sad time this has become- as an idiot like Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves has taken the place of REAL LIFE satanists such as Michael Aquino and his real Satanic sect- Temple of Set. This distraction is not going to change the mark Aquino has made- nor cover the crimes of his doing for very long.

However- this is the new statue that Mesner has planned for the Oklahoma State House- sitting right beside the Ten Commandments…




and it is all brought to you by the leader of the Temple of Satan- Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves


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