An Interesting Observation on Amazon- 22 Faces

I told this group of rabid wolves that most of their effort was to attack me and not to talk about the book. I thus removed myself to see what would happen- and as anyone can plainly see- the conversation stopped.

I have had a lot of attacks- had a crazy person pushed onto me to live in my house- and have had a whole internet smear campaign against me to keep people from listening to me. This is why I removed myself from all of this for awhile- so that I could regroup and figure out my priorities.

They ARE NOT to entertain people I find to be off balanced or morally corrupt. I simply wanted things in Omaha to be looked at and that is why I am going to go back to that. The rest of this BS has been nothing but a distraction- and though it would be easy to give it ALL up- I still feel that what I initially started out doing it worthwhile- and I am going to return to that and leave the crazies be.

However- I wanted to just point out that when it isn’t about me- it seems that the group on Amazon has NOTHING to say. Telling- and just what I believed in the first place.

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