Lest We Forget- An Atrociously Written Memorial By Joanne C. Shurter about My Father

I have taken some time off from my struggles with all of this to regroup and regain my equilibrium, but this morning I feel compelled to answer my half sister Christina and post what her mother sent my sis and I after my father’s death. It shows that there was no love between my step mother and my father- and that the marriage was kept because of money.

My older sis and I have been accused of trying to take my step mother to court over money- but actually it was receiving this letter after my father’s funeral that compelled us to take her to court. The reason why we didn’t proceed further is because we got the answer that we needed- that it was Joanne’s signature at the bottom of our father’s will and not his- showing us that he last will and testament was a fake. Both Kathy and I needed to see that our father didn’t slap us in the face in the end- and after finding out that he didn’t- and it was just more of Joanne C. Shurter’s cruelty- we dropped it- content that our father was telling us the truth before he died.

I post this because Christina- Joanne’s daughter- wants to portray the two of them as victims, and this simply is not true. Christina is 9 1/2 years younger than myself and has no idea what my childhood was like- having been only 9 when I got away from my father and step mothers house. “Lest we Forget” was the letter Joanne sent us in order to further dance on our father’s grave and increase our pain of losing him. This is the very poorly written letter…

Lest We Forget1

Lest We Forget2

Lest We Forget3

Lest We Forget4

Lest We Forget5

Lest We Forget6

Lest We Forget7

Lest We Forget8

Lest We Forget9

Lest We Forget10

Comparing this with the recording of my father’s funeral, which I will upload today, it shows that Joanne is nothing but a cruel, unloving narcissist who cares only about herself and her bank account. She is HARDLY the victim she presents herself to be- and it, and has been, mine and my siblings biggest abuser in our lives- both as children as well as adults.

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