An Update on What Has Been Happening

Sorry for my absence- but I have been busy restructuring my life, trying to make it harder for my family to target me. Thwarting me any way they can- my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter and her daughter Christina Blumkin/Shurter have been doing whatever they can to keep me from getting my family and their activities investigated.

Omaha is a sad place- Nebraska has a notoriously bad and over reaching CPS, which helped allow kids to be abused back in the 80s and 90s. Nebraska- like many other places- doesn’t review it’s policies often- and considering the money that is being made from these practices- have no real incentive to change things as they are- although the children who get wrapped up in the system often are hurt horribly from it.

The local officials and policing departments have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in looking into what I have said about my father. They play games with the victims- protecting the abusers- all because the abusers have connections and money- much like my stepmother. My own father came clean about what he was guilty of- and was just blown off and ignored. The Nebraska State Patrol has actively gone against me to keep from investigating what I have told them- complete with filing secret police reports against me on behalf of my stepmother. Working against victims in order to silence them- I have finally gotten tired of the games and decided to move in a different direction.

I will be restarting my blog this next week- and it looks as if I am going to revamp the whole website in order to make it more accessible for those who want to read what I have been involved with. I am also going into an investigation into the False Memory Pedophile Protection Foundation which I am writing about for the winter issue of Paranoia Magazine.

The only way to stop these activities is to educate ourselves as to what is happening- and that is going to be my focus still here on my website. I just needed to make a change- and now that has been done- am going to resume my quest in exposing all of this for what it is. Our nation is being influenced by a group of nazi gay occultists- which was my experience as a child- and I am going to do my best to show the inner workings as I investigate this further. The Bohemian Grove is a perfect example of what I am talking about- and for those of you who don’t know what that is- a simple Google search will help inform you. All of this has been happening right under our noses- and now is the time for people to see it and try to make a change.

Anyway- I will be resuming daily entries from now on – and I apologize for my absence up until now. I will work diligently to try and make mine and others investigations into this crystal clear. But for now- I think that a catch up is needed for those who are new to this site, so in my revamping of I will also try to make it easier for people to read my past posts on my investigations.

Thanks for all of you who have taken an interest and have continued to read what I have been through and what I am trying to investigate.

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