The Cost of My Advocacy Work

Anyone who tells you that I have not sacrificed to get all of this investigated does not adequately know the situation. I have been targeted for so long that it has become a common occurrence to me. My car has been trashed by my family- I have had a myriad of death threats- I have had dead animal parts left at my house- and people who have tried to help have only had their livelihoods threatened. It all has been an attempt to isolate and quiet me. The sad part about it is that it is effectively working.

I have lost everything I have held dear- and am now a stranger in a strange land trying to make my way as best as I can. I am no longer in Omaha- as there is nothing left for me there but a collection of incredibly bad memories and my father’s family- who won’t leave me alone. I have been harassed to the point where I have lost many of those closest to me. People are afraid for me- but more than that- they are afraid to be around me.

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