Hey- I am Back to Posting

I was on a road trip all last week- and now that I have reached my destination, I will resume blogging for the time being. While I have been gone- an anon named Critthink- which would be more aptly named IMakeShitUp, has been going on and on about Judy Byington’s book 22 Faces again- and I just wanted to respond to some of the things that have been thrown at Judy and her husband by a bunch of never do wells.

Most of the arguments presented by Critthink- who I actually believe is Doug Mesner, satanic practitioner of satanism- both privately and publicly, are mostly ridiculous- going all the way to suggest that they were inappropriate with Jenny Hill- who 22 Faces was written about. I have spoken with Jenny Hill- and what I have determined is that this group of pedophile protectors are trying to get the family of Jenny Hill to sue over abuse that they could know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about. I, in my conversations, have decided that there has been talk of a big “pay off” if this group goes after Judy- and that is what is fueling most of the conversations around all of this. Goodness knows- the False Memory pedophile protection squad is based on lawsuit actions (that is primarily where most of their money is comes from as a group) and that this group has convinced people who were NOT PRESENT AT THE ABUSE OF JENNY AS A CHILD that they might be able to heavily profit financially for going after a book and it’s author.

The thing is- I was also like some of dissenters for many years, as I went after my sister and tried to quiet her when she came out and spoke of our father and his third wife’s abuse tactics. Not because it wasn’t true but because I didn’t want to deal with the truth of the situation as it was humiliating and hurtful to remember all of what happened in the past. However, years later, when I was set up to actually deal with what happened to us- I flipped to the other side and tried my best to expose what my sister was saying instead of denying it to the world. One must understand how much shame and humiliation is involved with our abuse- and it took me years of therapy- not to remember what happened- but to deal with the pain and humiliation of what happened in my childhood. There is a huge shame that goes with this type of abuse- and it has a tendency to keep victims quiet all by itself. At least that is who it worked with me.

However- I am at a place now where I can do some good. Investigations are going hot and heavy- and that is really what I think needs to happen now. ALL SURVIVORS need to group together and disprove this notion that there are only a handful of us relating the same sort of abuse that happened to us all, and that is my goal this year. To help empower survivors to come tell their stories in order to dispel this notion that what we went through as children is simply fabricated in our minds. TOGETHER we can all make this happen in order to save future generations for enduring what so many of us did when we were younger (and some are even dealing with it now as adults).

The Process church is heavily involved with these practices- and it is time- in my opinion that people start to wake up to the reality of all of this so that we can, as a society- change what is going on. This is my hope for this next year.

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