Interesting Gem Found On the Internet About the Process Church and A Comment About the End of This World

I have no idea who is the author of this blog- nor can I say that I can validate all that has been said- but I did find it an INCREDIBLY INTERESTING READ! I haven’t finished yet- but that is because there is so much to take in.

Arlis Perry Helter Skelter Son of Sam Liberal Fascism author Unknown.

This nation seems to be under the influence of a bunch of apocalyptic gay neo nazi satanists, which is why we have found ourselves in the place that we have as a species on planet Earth. Believing in Might Makes Right and a form of hedonistic social Darwinism that transcends any moral compass whatsoever in comparison to the sense of entitlement, American society as a whole has systematically been brought to the edge and it NOT an act of God but rather that of the .25% of the 1% who believed they could force the hand of Heaven. (and in so many ways- they have accomplished what they set out to do- but not in the ways that they thought.)

The reason why satanism in it’s many forms has prospered the way that it has- such as in the case of Michael Aquino- who not only founded Temple of Set but has a long career in the psych ops departments in our government, is because it has worked up until now. In my book- I say that those who say magic doesn’t work have never practiced it- and that goes for good and bad. The powers that be have spent centuries playing around with things that were better left alone, and now the time has come to pay the piper- it is that simple. Stripped from their protection, those that they have manipulated for so long are no longer at their reach, nor more importantly- their disposal. I was taught Wrath- and so, using what I have learned, I have unleashed it in the only way I could think of. I helped the fallen with the only request that in the end- they help bring down those who have used them for so long.

Investigations into dead children are happening already- and the systems that have protected these killings are about to be exposed for what they are. Mankind is on the brink- and I believe that the Beginning Is Here! Waking up to the fact that in every face we see, we see the face of God- it is finding the Heaven within ourselves that is going to ultimately bring forth the light- and no man nor angel is going to thwart the ultimate will of God. The first law of Heaven is to LOVE. The second law is to Know Ourselves. And the third law is to GIVE FREELY OF OUR TIME AND ENERGY!! Despite what we have been told by those who would dominate and deceive, we need each other. And it is TOGETHER that the Human Race is going to change the world- into something we can be proud of instead of being afraid of. If you are afraid- fear not for God IS WITH YOU. God and ALL OF HEAVEN is with ALL OF US RIGHT NOW! Search within yourselves and you will see that I am telling the truth. It is only in becoming the lightbearers that we are all meant to become that we will succeed in becoming the change that we wish to see in the world- and it is through this upcoming tumultuous process that we are all about to see exactly what we are made of.

The choice, as always, is ours. However, I can not reiterate enough that we all need to prepare our houses- for the TIME IS NOW.

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