Taking Some Heat Recently

The biggest problem in the survivor community in my estimation, deals with conflicting egos- all of whom want to be the ONE to expose this mess and get the glory for stopping it. Just recently- on Amazon, the false memory pedophile protection squad leveled the same sort of opinion at me- saying that my blog and such was just a desperate attempt to gain attention. I woke up early this morning thinking about it, and I wanted to put my thoughts down on paper while they are still fresh in my head.

I write my blog because it gets the word out in the only way I could think of. Considering the consistent hits I get a day- I would have to say that what I am doing is working. Being somewhat of a loner by nature- I am not seeking out attention as it has been suggested but rather am trying to light a fire in people’s minds so that they investigate and help break apart the constructs that have built this mess into the epidemic it is today. Human trafficking MUST stop- and the only way to do that is to understand who is behind it and how it has grown to the proportions that it has. That is the reason why I think that Omaha- Granddaddy of the whole mess, is a good place to begin to try and understand what happened that led us to where we are now.

I have no need to be THE ONE, for the simple fact that spiritually I was always taught that I WAS the one. I enraged people on a radio interview when I told people that this war with Heaven was already fought- and that God has already WON- by doing the very thing that has been taught for us to emulate in that God embraced his foes and- BECAUSE GOD IS LOVE AND NO ONE CAN THWART THE WILL OF GOD- brought them back into the fold of Heaven. It is amazing to me how many angry individuals are wholeheartedly invested in this hypocritical theory of an eternal fire pit- like God would be one to tell us to love each other but be so low as to do just the opposite of what Heaven teaches. There is no eternal fire pit- and the fallen were EMBRACED BACK INTO HEAVEN FOR DOING GOD’S WILL. We were all to be tested- and so therefore the friction of evil was necessary- as we all have had to make a choice. And so we have, for better or worse.

The reason why I have fallen behind on my posts is because I am slowly working on a second book where I am trying to explain the spiritual side of what I have gone through. The first manuscript of Rabbit Hole was two books in one- and the spiritual was taken out in lough of the investigation, which I felt was more important to explain first. However, it doesn’t make the spiritual side any less important- and I think it is imperative to get this side out to help people understand exactly where I stand in all of this. MKUltra training consisted of very detailed and specific spiritual constructs and the energy of God was not only recognized but we/I was designed to be able to sense, understand, and manipulate that which has remained unknown to so many. I am trying to explain what I went through- as well as the philosophies of life that developed as a result. That was taken out of the first book- therefore it needs to be replaced in a second one. That is one of the reasons why I have taken a back seat on my blog lately.

Maybe the reason why I don’t have this compulsion to be the ONE is that, growing up believing that I was to be the AntiChrist and rebelling against that belief, I have always contended that I WAS the one and didn’t want to be. As such- though my spiritual practice, I have concluded that it is not that I have to be THE one but rather A one; in other words I just am glad I have a place in all of this. Helping the fallen cross back over to God has been a soul changing experience for me, and has brought me a sense of peace that I have not experienced before- and if I had to do it all over again, I would a zillion times over. Experiencing the Grace of God’s Love and Forgiveness over and over is what has saved me, both as a human being as well as spiritual creation. No one can take what my spiritual practice has given me, and for that I will be eternally grateful to my creator and friend. I also have no need to be anything other than what I am evolving into – and since this process is highly personal and private, attention from the public is not only a distraction, but considering the reactions I have gotten from some concerning what I have done, is detrimental to the peace and determination which MUST now be my focus. We are in the Retribution, and I need to prepare myself for what is coming ahead me and mankind, as do we all.

In other words- prepare thy House for the Time is Here.

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