Edward Snowden Against British Intel and the NSA


So here we have the British Intel- which, by the way- is HEAVILY involved with the cult activity that has been happening in America- working the the National Security Agency to infiltrate and spy on normal people in society.

The problem that I have with this is that considering Jimmy Saville and all of his activities, how can anyone honestly say that these groups DIDN’T KNOW about what was happening with that jerk and his friends? What they know about normal people is bad enough, but then when they find out about crimes- and you can’t tell me that PEOPLE DIDN’T KNOW- they do what American law officials are guilty of and they do their best to HIDE and PROTECT these events.

Cult and ritual abuse have been around for a long time-both in the US and the UK, and it is just interesting that a group of treasonous eavesdroppers- who obviously know more than they should- are HELL BENT on keeping this information quiet and hidden from the public. It isn’t what these groups MIGHT know that is the problem- it is what they MUST KNOW and how they have reacted with regards to that information that is the issue.

How much did these groups know about Jimmy Saville and situations like that surrounding him- and WHY HAVEN’T THEY COME FORTH? Eavesdropping on people, saying you are looking for terrorists- but ignoring a bunch of satanic cult members abusing and trafficking children makes NO SENSE. As always- there doesn’t seem to be any truth or accountability with regards to this mess, and that- FIRST AND FOREMOST- needs to change in my opinion.

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