Reflecting on My Investigation into the Connection to Child Trafficking, Satanism, and Omaha Nebraska

I woke early this morning concerned about my sister and the fact that I think that someone is intentionally trying to cause her tire to blow out- her and her youngest son that lives with her- as they have had FOUR blow outs in the past 30 days. The latest was just yesterday- AFTER my sister replaced all four of her tires just a couple weeks ago. Not to be daunted- my sister is STILL SPEAKING OUT- and today we are going to make a police report, for whatever good that will do. However, we can only do what we can do.

The constant harassment we experience from our father’s third wife Joanne C. Shurter- and her daughter Christina Marie Shurter/Blumkin, only seems to make us more tenacious- and so in the end, I have to thank them- as they have gotten my sister back in business so to speak. Writing horrible emails and sending out threatening letters to anyone and everyone who would help me- it is funny considering there was once a time in my gym that I stood in front of Christina and didn’t recognize her as she had gained an immeasurable amount of weight, and so the fact that she is out there presuming that she knows anything about me is laughable if it wasn’t so sad. Considering what is happening to my sister and her son’s tires on their cars, can I also add a bit scary?

I am researching something called the Process, which evolved into the Process Church until it supposedly disbanded- although the leaders of this satanic break off from Scientology still actively hang together. I always knew there was some strange gay neo-nazi element to this, but had no real concept of the power and influence it is wielding in American governmental policies. Hiding out in the open basically- it is time to bring forth the light upon all this- and explain what is really going on in our society today, and exactly what the influences have been that has gotten us to the brink that we are.

For those of you, like my father’s family- who think I am working alone with all of this need to think again. I have been honored to be embraced by a collective of people that are my heroes in the field- and we are all working together to expose this in a way that can be understood by the common man- and no threats, lies, nor games are going to stop this process, no pun intended, from this continuing. Each of us bringing our pieces to the table- we are making substantial moves in understanding what has been going on for a very long time. In order to change a thing, you must first understand a thing, and we will make it palatable for the general public so they can finally grasp the implications of what has been happening both in secret and out in the open for decades now, if not centuries. Considering that much of what is happening now has much to do with British Intel, there are many of us that realize that this satanism, pedophile, and child trafficking situation has evolved in such a way that it is no wonder that America seems to mirror the UK- (the NSA spying program coming out after the whole Rupert Murdock scandal roared through Europe a year before- although with all that eavesdropping- were seemingly unaware of Jimmy Saville and his satanic pedophile escapades strangely enough). Just as things have begun to unravel over there-so they will unravel over here- esp. with the help that it is getting from people all over the world.

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