The Targeting of My Sister Since She Agreed to Talk

My sister and her son have had FOUR tire blow outs this past month- and the repair man told my sister that someone deliberately broke the sensor on her tire. My sister had all of her tires replaced a few weeks back- and yesterday experienced yet ANOTHER severe blow out. I believe this is being DONE to her and her son intentionally- both of whom have had two tires a piece blow out on their two cars in less than thirty days.

Correct me if I am wrong- but this could be a larger degree of targeting on my loved ones- as my sister corroborates my story and vice versa. I just am left to wonder to what extent people are trying to keep my sister and I from talking.

Reporting it to the police is worthless- although I will be sending this blog to Deputy John Pankonin of the Nebraska State Patrol, Omaha’s mayor Jean Stothert, and my father’s third wifes favorite judge- Douglas county judge Marlon Polk- as well as emailing it to my list.

Four blow outs in a month- now with brand new tires. This is TOO DAMN COINCIDENTAL. So I wanted to make issue with it publicly- in case something serious happens.

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