A Word About My MKUltra Training

Through extreme trauma, humans instinctively use that part of our brains that generally remain dormant throughout our lives. It was through ritual abuse and the fear that was was designed and generated by not only the ritual governmental abuse but also the spiritual abuse in the form of satanism that caused me to remain in a constant sense of fight or flight, enabling me to access parts of my self that would not have been accessible had I not gone through the abuse and training that I had. For many years, I thought this was a curse, but have come to the conclusion that, as always, it is how something is perceived that is key to the matter, and that our belief is the foundation of our reality- and, as such, have decided that I have been given a huge gift.

Remote viewing- mind reading- energy manipulation- this was all part of the training that I went though as a child, and through my spiritual practices, have become incredibly efficient at identifying, influencing, and directing energy as a result. The concepts of quantum physics are exemplified through the shamanic experience, and so I have increased my knowledge far from what I was exposed to as a child, and if the satanists taught me anything as a child- it is that “knowledge is power”. I can’t explain how I can do what I do, nor can I explain why I can do it- just that it has been a constant in my life that my prayers are ALWAYS answered.

The training that I experienced taught me to trust my instincts, to aggressively seek out targets, and disable them any way possible. The easiest way to do that is manipulating the energy fields around them. This sounds like science fiction, but what my handler(s) were looking for is those who were able to think outside the box, on their feet, and this meant understanding the opponent in each and every way. Body language is not magic, although perceiving it in such a way may seem like it- but all of this has been studied for centuries now. It just seems that those who were most valuable in teaching were unaware of the complications if they ever lost control of it are now starting to realize that fear. Manipulating energy- esp. that of the negative, demonic kind- was a huge influence in my growing up- and the casting of spells is neither new to me- nor beyond me.

God has no secrets- and plays no games. Years back- I awoke in a dream in front of a man I knew to be a pedophile. My heart was so angry that a laser beam shot from my eyes and hit the man before me with such force that it picked him up from the ground. All of a sudden, that beam of light shot out of the him and penetrated every pedophile in existence, spreading out like a web that enveloped everywhere. Suddenly, I noticed the man before me and saw that his feet were on fire. I looked down, and saw that my OWN feet were on fire, and that is when God turned me around in the dream and told me- “this is your choice”. To follow through with this could end up with me sacrificing myself to it in the process.

I thought only for a second, and said outloud in the dream- “if it saves the children”, turning back around to continue- at which time I awoke. Knowing that a choice had been made, I have decided to follow through with my quest- as what is one life to give to God? However, that dream fundamentally changed my perception as to what I am doing, and that has had a drastic effect on my actions since then. I believe in spell casting- and let me assure those who would be the beneficiaries of such, that the spell I cast was a doozy. Justice is GOING TO BE HAD- one way or another, and that ALL OF US can be assured of. Energy manipulation and the workings of God are FACTS OF LIFE- and when everything is said and done- this will be totally uncontested. The things I was taught as a child has more workings than simple government applications, and it was only a matter of time before the lot of us started seeing the big picture.

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