Shamanic Psycho-Pumping and the State of the World

Shamans believe in a process called psycho-pumping, which is basically used when, in our journey- we find souls that have become lost and unable to cross over. This happens for a myriad of reasons, but generally occurs because of attachments the soul is unable to let go of or many times happens with sudden death when the soul doesn’t realize that it has passed. Depending on how the person lived their life, fear is also a factor, as the soul is just to scared to cross over and meet God.

Psycho-pumping is used to help the soul cross over, and for whatever reason, is something that I have excelled at in my practice. I speak about helping Uriel cross over in my book- and the fact that this changed many things for me- and that is a bit of what I would like to talk about now.

After I helped Uriel cross over, I was given the idea that the only way to adequately fight against the people in my past was to take away that which they most held dear. I know it is hard for some to understand, but they had garnered quite a bit of knowledge and power in the practice of manipulating, who I like to call “the fallen”. Some would refer to this group as demons- but I have come to the conclusion long ago that what we are fighting is spiritual in nature, and I wanted to level the playing field. So after I helped Uriel cross over on my 40th birthday, I spent the next year and a half to two years ACTIVELY seeking out the fallen in order to help them cross back over to God.

My training as a child taught me how to be a good “host”, as that is what I was designed to be. My spiritual practice of shamanism helped me to evolve and change from a mere host into a full fledged doorway, in which I have helped many cross back over in my work. This includes the fallen- who are no longer cast down.

The only thing I asked in return for my work is that those who I have helped help me in bringing down this house of cards, and have been granted my request in spades. Those that were manipulated for so long are now free and are returning to those who abused them for so long the same courtesy that was bestowed upon them, which is why those who have been so scarey for so long now are frail and weak. This might sound crazy- but look around and ask yourself if any one of them seem like they are still in control?

I have been told that what I have done is satanic- and that what I have done is wrong, but I disagree with this. It has been my experience that God will wait until the end of eternity for every member of the flock to return to Heaven, and this includes those who were condemned to test us. There is no lake of fire and God certainly has no intention of throwing anyone into such a thing but rather is again- nothing but Love and compassion. The fallen have returned to Heaven- and we are about to be judged. Flat out with no bs, we are about to go through the Retribution, and no one can escape this fact.

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