Amazon, False Memory Pedophile Protectors, and the Protection of Satanically Affiliated Trolls on the Site

I am breathing a sigh of relief that I have once again found myself disposed of by Amazon-although I do have it on tape that the Amazon lawyer called me and told me that they never banned me in the first place- although they let a group of trolls slaughter me time and time again for a year- without my ability to respond. However- this past weekend I found out enough of what I needed to know- and I am glad that the time and effort that it took to constantly defend myself and others is no longer a pressing distraction, and it allows me to do other things instead.

The arguments ensued on 22 Faces- where a group of trolls are determined to destroy not only the sales of the book but the author herself, Judy Byington. Part of the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad, this group has used everything they can to intimidate, bully, and silence- including posting financial records, outing survivors who had changed their names, turning us all in to every agency they could think of to cause problems for us- and have gone so far to exploit Felicity (another victim of this group) with videos and pictures of her 12 year old granddaughter. They have called us names, have done everything and said anything they can think of to discredit us, and yet Amazon has allowed this behavior to go unabated- silencing the whistle blowers instead of dealing with the trolls on their site.

Just to give you an idea- we have come to the conclusion that troll number 1 is CritThink- who is actually Doug Mesner/ Luciean Greaves/ Doug Misicko and whatever other names he calls himself. He is the founder of a satanic sex club called the Satanic Temple and most notably was arrested for exposing himself during a satanic ritual that was supposed to make a Westboro Baptist Church member gay in the after world. I’ll give the pic at the end.

Second troll is Karmakaze- who we believe is a man named Shane who is posing naked and erect in many of the pictures on Doug’s site promoting satanism. He is the one who first found and then distributed all over the web a video of Felicity’s underage grand daughter dancing- and this weekend, threatened to turn her into CPS because she complained about it.

Third troll is Argo- and though it took a while to figure out who this troll was- we finally concluded that it is a woman by the name of Jeanette Bartha- who is desperately trying to find a place in life by discrediting therapists and such. She was throwing out insulting diagnoses on both Felicity and I- as if she was both lawyer and therapist. Making as many demeaning remarks as she could- she spent the weekend fighting with me as much as I was fighting with them.

We have no idea who ac2012 is- but the fact that there is a satanic website, we can only conclude that this is yet ANOTHER satanist who is parading around- attacking survivors and advocates alike.

Amazon has had a history of allowing these trolls to do and say whatever it is they want on their site- and it is sad that they will support trolls who defend and support pedophiles and support satanism all at the same time. Authors are NOT safe on Amazon- who will cater to the group of trolls rather than have to spend the time and resources eradicating them from their site. Judy Byington- Felicity, and I are all examples of this.

I am glad I am no longer able to respond- because I was finding the arguments to be not only a distraction- but addictive as well. I have discovered in my short time back on Amazon who the REAL people behind our nations legal commitment to pedophilia are- like Elizabeth Loftus, Christopher Barden, and my good friend- and TRUE Satanist, Col. Michael Aquino- and it was Bartha that we have to really thank for that- for if she hadn’t danced around her fire like Rumpelstiltskin, we would have never found these people and how important they are for this movement.

The implants in mice that prove false memories- well- question is if therapists have been able to inject false memories into people’s brains all along- why did they need mice? And why not chimps? Maybe because the ethics of all of this are out the window- and that most people look at this Obama Brain Initiative as nothing more than mind control- and I don’t think that anyone is going to be acceptable to using lasers to lobotomize memories that might look poorly on the government- such as those that soldiers and victims of MKUltra would report.

I am glad to be away from the fight- and I want people to realize that Felicity and I are about to do a short video on the news of the FMF and I think that it will be a hoot. Much more fun than fighting with the satanic promoting, orgy indulging, pedophile protecting, False Memory PP Squad.

However, Amazon legal HAS called me today- and are looking into the whole situation- so there is hope yet.


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