Amazon’s Support of Pedophiles and Satanists.

This morning I awoke and realized that although Amazon banned me yesterday for defending myself, they left up all of the comments calling me a liar, fraud, and psycho. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Amazon supports such trolls as Critthink- Karmakaze and ac2012- all of whom have pedophile protecting, satanists promoting backgrounds in which they do their best to promote Doug Mesner/ Luciean Greaves/ Doug Misicko’s satanic sex club, I mean- it wasn’t until the public got outraged that they finally pulled a book promoting pedophilia, so it shows where Amazon’s loyalty lies.

“The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child Lover Conduct of Code” was written and published by Philip R. Greaves II, (notice that his last name and Doug Misicko’s CHOSEN satanic last name are the same), was published and defended by Amazon until the book got media attention and to save face it removed the book from its sight. This is an example of the code of conduct Amazon allows and promotes on it’s website, and the fact that it allows survivors of extreme sexual abuse to be trashed by it’s trolls- and BANS THOSE DEFENDING THEMSELVES- is a clear example of where Amazon’s loyalties lie.

Amazon will claim that it does not believe in censorship- but that is exactly what they promote when they ban people who are simply defending themselves. The last time they banned me- although I have on tape their lawyer telling me I was NEVER banned- I spent a year watching this group defame me and trash me while Amazon sat by complacently and allowed the attacks to happen. This, in my estimation- is wrong- and contrary to what they believe, they ARE RESPONSIBLE for what happens on their site.

This group of satanist promoting, survivor attacking, pedophile defending pack of dissenters are obviously not only welcome on Amazon’s site- but are promoted and protected by the organization. Although they have had complaints that this group- complete with people like Argo- who is a nobody named Jenette Bartha who was/is a proud member of the pedophile defending organization False Memory Foundation, have published people’s private information- including financial documents and a video of a 12 year old girl, grand daughter to one of the people being attacked, dancing- these are just a FEW OF THE ATTACKS that Amazon has not only allowed, but by their complaisance, have promoted and ENCOURAGED.

Such a site that allows victims to be reabused while promoting the satanic agenda of it’s online trolls who protect pedophilia MUST be recognized- as our corporate institutions MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the things they allow others to engage in on their site. Doing their best to censor those who would defend themselves- they will leave the ugly allegations up so that others may be swayed against the victims as well. THIS IS WRONG IN MY OPINION, AND AMAZON NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

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