The Difficulties I have with Obama’s “Brain Initiative”

There have been a few of us who have been researching this whole phenomenon of lasers being used to supposedly cause “false memories”, however, I think this is nothing more than junk science being introduced as fact in the media and on the internet in order to encourage Americans to be complacent with our government in using lasers to erase memories in human beings. Claiming that it would solve a myriad of problems, PTSD being one of them- they are focusing on our soldiers who have returned from war with memories of the HUGE atrocities that they went through overseas.

In my opinion-this is just another attempt to silence whistle blowers- as survivors of our governments MKUltra project are coming forward in droves now, and our current dictatorship will do anything it can to quiet those of us who have reported the great atrocities that our government is guilty of- both here and overseas. What better way than to simply erase the memories- lobotomizing the part of our brain that protected us in the first place.

I think this study with the mousey is a perfect example of how bogus false memories are. Myriads of therapists have lost their jobs and lively hoods over the past 30 years for being accused of injecting implanted memories into clients brains and yet- after 30 years of research- all the false memory side can offer is a little mouse that was terrorized by a laser beam. Why do we need such things if therapists have been able to inject implanted memories into their clients brains for years now? Why not just let the therapists implant their memories into the soldiers and let it be at that. Of course- this whole sci-fi idea that this is possible is ridiculous, and I find it interesting that after 30 years- all the false memory advocates can offer is a terrorized mouse with laser beams- when they have been convincing juries for decades now that therapists have been magically been able to do this to people this whole time.

We are moving into scary times- and I DO NOT WANT the government digging around in ANYONE’S brain. This is totally reminiscent of what I experienced as a child- and our government is WELL AWARE of what all of this does to an individual- because they have been secretly testing just this kind of stuff for years now on our nations children. A blatant attempt to silence those of us who would speak out- these practices are nothing more than an attempt to control the population- and their claim that they can lobotomize the brain in order to forget trauma is a SLIPPERY SLOPE- considering that memories of trauma are often contained throughout the entire body- and erasing the part of our brains that could help us process the trauma would be erased, which can only have a COMPLETELY devastating effect on the individual. I speak from personal experience.

Bottom line- this whole “Brain Initiative” project is not about creating false memories- but ERASING real memories. Against every ethical standard we have as human beings- it is just another example of our government running rogue at this point, and if anything needs focued on- it is this whole smoke and mirrors to lobotomize those who are a threat to the status quo.

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