The False Memory Foundation’s Pedophile Protector Squad Spokesperson and His Crusade against Survivors

I have spoken of this person before- and for those of you who would like to know who I am speaking about- you only have to check out my blog at However- since this boy has gone out of his way to try and get anyone who would speak about him in trouble and banned- I am going to refrain using his name in this article- since he has tried to get me banned from Facebook more than once.

First- this boy tries to lead people to believe that he is a Harvard graduate, which is not true according to Harvard University- as he is nowhere to be found in the book of Alumni’s. Just because you live NEAR an institution doesn’t make you part of that institution, and unless you actually pay money and attend classes there- living near Harvard doesn’t make you a Harvard graduate.

Secondly- this boy just wrote another article defaming people- (I will include a link to this at the end of this article), but GOES OUT OF HIS WAY to get anyone who might come against him banned. I experienced this on Amazon after I called one of his sock puppets a “Twinkie”. Once removed from a site- like what he experienced with the Examiner, he simply just writes more crap and uploads it to another site to try and get his word out- calling himself a journalist.

However- just like you can’t just say you’re a Harvard graduate and make it so- unless you go to school and study journalism- you are not a journalist. Just calling yourself something doesn’t make it so. Totally nonobjective- this boy has gone on a crusade to try and defame others who are survivors of abuse. Calling himself a journalist- he is simply no more than a boy with a vendetta with lots of opinions.

The article below is a fine example of what I am speaking about. The adjectives he uses are leading (like making sure that he calls another survivor “morbidly obese” while dropping her name) and just by this article alone, shows that he has a propensity to whine when he is not given his way. Claiming he knows more about a person’s life than they do is dangerous- and he goes out of his way to expose anything and anyone that he has an issue with. (And for the record, despite what he says in his paper, I agree that too much cortisol and adrenalin running through the blood stream can cause a myriad of problems- which is scientific FACT despite what opinions the spokesperson for the False Memory Foundation PP Squad says).

This boy has tried to do as much damage as he can with anyone who would come forward as a survivor or survivor advocate- attacking them on the web as well as trying to infiltrate their offline lives and create as much chaos as possible. A good example of this type of behavior is what he has tried to do with a survivor named Felicity Lee, and a survivor advocate/author by the name of Judy Byington-who just wrote a book called 22 Faces. Using underhanded tactics, this boy has gone out of his way trash these two women (as well as myself), using sock puppets to try and sway public opinion- since he is pretty much on his own. Calling any and every institution that he believes could cause them harm, it is perhaps because of this behavior that the False Memory Foundation has distanced themselves from the boy, as his behavior is libel at best. Enacting a “one boy crusade” against survivor’s, he has done his best to trash survivor’s and their advocates with lies, threats, and behavior that is evident in his article below- as he throws fits when he does not get his way. This has been noticeable for anyone who has dealt with this boy in the past.

I guess the question is- Why do I care? I care because he is very effective in intimidating and closing down survivors with his aggressive, no holds bar attitude concerning those who have already suffered so much. Pervasive all over the web- he has done his best to make coming forward safely virtually impossible- as he has shown he will attack at any moment he feels like it. “Outing” survivors and ridiculing them relentlessly, he has gone so far as to contact survivor’s families to try and shut them down that way. Stalking people both online and in their real lives, I can say from personal experience that he does whatever he can to destroy those who would stand against him. This behavior is dangerous, non-productive, and, in my opinion, needs to be exposed for what it is- extreme bullying. Lying and presenting himself as something he is NOT- like being a Harvard graduate- this boy’s antics need to be exposed before he actually does real harm to a survivor. That is why I am doing what I am doing.

Here is the link to his “whinefest”…

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