Castlewood Clinic, Therapy, and the False Memory Pedophile Protector Foundation

Okay- so here is the situation. Supposedly, a Dr. Mark Schwartz- a doctor who practiced at a clinic called Castlewood in St. Louis, drugged up four women and implanted in their brains memories of abuse that dealt with eating babies, satanic cults, and such. Coming forward all at once, these four women- each with their own mental issues (because why would you go to a treatment center if you weren’t experiencing issues), are trying to do their best to bilk money out of the doctor and the clinic. They and their lawyers have been SO PROLIFIC on the internet and out and about, trying to sway people to their side, that a judge finally had to put a gag order on Kenneth Carl Vuylsteke and his ilk- who had previously equated themselves with the False Memory Foundation, after they tainted the first jury and caused a mistrial. Doing their best to present the situation in the way that they desperately need it to be- the False Memory folks- heralded by people such as their official spokesperson Doug Mesner/Misicko and FMS “researchers” like Elizabeth Loftus, (although Loftus has just recently publically backed out of having her name associated with this mess), have been writing unofficial press releases (breaking the gag order), and attacking anyone who would speak against the lawsuit regarding Castlewood.

What is interesting about this case is that Vuylsteke , at the beginning of all of this- stood by and publically supported the FMS but now there is nothing on the internet about the dual relationship. A Facebook group called “Castlewood Victim’s Unite”, who have been commenting all over the web- is a group of three women, one who is a mother of one of the “brain implanted” women, and another is none other than Elizabeth Loftus herself. Going all over the web and making comments wherever they can- they have gone out of their way to attack and subdue anyone who would stand against what they are purporting. Mesner/Misicko- who was just paraded around by the FMS as their spokesperson last January, has enabled a host of “sock puppets” in order to help break the gag order and sway anyone they can to their way of thinking. Turning their back on the legal process (probably because they don’t have a leg to stand on), the FMS has used Mesner/Misicko and his propensity to attack anonymously to go all over the web- putting up bogus press releases, which he constantly takes down and simply moves to another website whenever he is busted breaking the gag order.

Let me remind everyone that in the 80s and 90s- what precipitated our nation’s history with, what the False Memory Foundation has deemed “satanic panic” was the fact that children were coming home from their daycares with sexually transmitted diseases and claiming ritualistic satanic abuse. Originally it had NOTHING to do with memories or dissociative identity disorders but rather was a clear cut case of sexual abuse of children. McMartin’s preschool- which is generally always mentioned by the FMS, was but one of SEVEN daycares in the area with the same problems- one of them a Long Beach Catholic church daycare, which has ALWAYS been down played by the media. However, according to the False Memory Foundation- which was designed by a couple of alleged pedophiles to protect OTHER alleged pedophiles- our problem with satanic panic was because hysterical women, who were being mind controlled and having memories IMPLANTED INTO THEIR BRAINS, were all being manipulated by rogue therapists who were hell bent in bringing down the women’s daycares. Nothing but a sad conspiracy theory itself, the False Memory Foundation has done its best to attack victims of sexual abuse and help pedophiles get off the hook by claiming that the victims history was fabricated. This is their WHOLE argument- and though it is a pathetic attempt to rewrite abuse into something that is acceptable to dismiss, they have used their people to do anything they can to shut up those of us who would offer a different opinion.

Let me also remind people that a key player in these daycare abuse cases was none other than Col. Michael Aquino- who was involved with not only the McMartin case, but also was named in ANOTHER abuse case EXACTLY LIKE McMARTIN’S, which is the Presidio child abuse case. The same abuse regarding children had been reported, but the False Memory Foundation DOES IT’S BEST to keep this from actually getting out. Having nothing to do with Dissociative Identity Disorder or rogue therapists trying to take down some daycares- these abuse cases have been ignored and rewritten into something they never were in order to control the public’s thoughts with regards to all of these abuse cases. The False Memory Pedophile Protector Foundation has been behind this all along, and has done its best to muddy the waters so that pedophiles can be free and act accordingly.

It is time for this behavior to stop- and the best way to start is to realize that events at Castlewood are not as they are being presented- and the things that the women are reporting are not only bizarre, they are IMPOSSIBLE. Contrary to the False Memory Pedophile Protection Foundation- YOU CAN NOT IMPLANT MEMORIES INTO SOMEONE’S BRAIN, unless of course the person is willing to allow it to happen. “Satanic Panic” was NOT a witch hunt but rather a time where our government leaders- along with the FMS, did their best to hide the fact that our nation’s children were being raped and abused. The only lives that have been destroyed as a result are those who have gone against the FMS and their preposterous theories supporting pedophiles, and this MUST STOP in my opinion.

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