The Fight with False Memory Pedophile Protector Advocate Doug Mesner/miSICKO and the Continuing Battle for Real Survivor’s to be Heard

Doug miSICKO asked me to publish all that is being said in the comments section of the article he just wrote at, but the attacks have been so long and arduous that I find it just better to send people to the poorly written article so that they can see ALL the comments and not just the exchange between miSICKO and I. As anyone can see- the boy attacks any and everyone who would disagree with him, often calling us “delusional liars”, all the while promoting his stance that therapists are largely behind claims of sexual abuse and ritualistic torture while purporting himself as some self-proclaimed savior who is keeping the world from experiencing another “witch hunt”. Unimportant in my estimation, standing by himself- the key thing to remember is that miSICKO has been endorsed by the False Memory Foundation in their January new letter- showing that the organization not only agrees with miSICKO’s tactics of cyber stalking and severe harassment and intimidation, but it is indicative or the organizations behavior all along with this. Remember that the False Memory foundation was designed by a couple of accused pedophiles in order to protect and defend other accused pedophiles and there is an early North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) connection in the forming and funding of the groups foundation. Whether he directly says it or not- miSICKO agrees with these philosophies, and aggressively attacks any who would disagree with the organizations ideas. As a spokesperson for the False Memory Foundation- this shows the parameters of just how far the False Memory Foundation will go to try and intimidate and silence REAL survivors, as they not only support miSICKO but are known to encourage he and his PP Squad in their defamation of true survivors. miSICKO- as a spokesperson for the False Memory Foundation, should be looked at skeptically- as one who fights for pedophiles, at least in my estimation, is a person of highly questionable moral character- and if miSICKO has shown people anything- it is that he is capable of just about anything- as is the False Memory Foundation.

The link to the article, where you can read the propaganda article that has no thesis statement, is as follows- and it is the COMMENT section that I think many will find the most interesting. Not only the dialogue between miSICKO and I- but ALL of the comments that he has for ANYONE who disagrees with him. Showing immeasurable unprofessionalism, I wonder if miSICKO is indicative of the whole False Memory Foundation organization itself. Endorsing him and his behavior- one can only conclude that it is. Anyway- here is the link to that article…

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