Remote Viewing and Mind Reading/Bending… Really?

The basic concept of the MKUltra project, in my personal experience, was all about energy work. Believing that “they” could open up a child through extreme trauma, forcing them to use the part of our brains that we don’t generally use- drugs, electroshock therapy, and torture was a part of that process. I have said before that any abused child becomes hyper vigilant to their surroundings, and our government wanted to know what would happen if they took this too extreme, and more importantly, if the effects were something that they could control.

My training involved a great deal of mind work- going within and finding the answers that were in the air. I was taught to really watch a person when they speak- to look them in the eyes- for it is within that process that you can tell what a person is really thinking, not just by what they say but more importantly- by what they aren’t saying. It isn’t magic, it is just that everyone has subtle nuances to their appearance, and I was taught early on to recognize and manipulate people through this process. Mind reading happens to all of us, we all can sense what others are thinking if we really open ourselves to the process, but mind bending takes some work.

Mind bending is a complicated process of control, where by you engage in conversation in such a way that you convince your opponent of your objective in such a way that they believe that the idea was theirs in the first place. Again- it is isn’t magic, it is an actual scientifically proven way of engaging people, and some people do it instinctively- but our government had great interest in perfecting this. Training me to “read” people, sizing them up instinctively, it encouraged me to manipulate them to reach any objective that I had in mind. Teaching me the techniques and nuances of thinking like a predator, had my father not unintentionally destroyed my programming at ten there is no telling what would I would have ended up like.

Remote viewing, in my opinion, is very shamanic in nature- which is probably why I am so talented at it. I realize that astral projection (which is another word for it), seems incredibly far-fetched and new age, but it is the whole reason why our government has a covert psych ops department- and it has been Lt. Col. Michael Aquino’s whole educational and professional background to explore those aspects of the mind that we do not often utilize at this time. It is not all machines and drugs and experiments, it is psychological most of all, and it is in understanding the psych and controlling those emotions connected with it that make an effective soldier. It is also undeniable that a great deal of money and time has been spent exploring these aspects of the mind, and that careers- such as those of Mr. Aquino, have been built on such practices.

Remote viewing is simply going in the mind to places and sensing the energy surrounding such events. In the mind, I was taught I could go backwards and forwards in time, hindered by neither time nor geography- in order to perceive what was going on at those particular times. Emotions put forth energy, and Michael taught me to be able to travel forth within my own mind to sense the particulars of situations. Psychic ability was not only believed by those who trained me- but it was expected. However, there was much more to my training than just mind reading a particular event.

Michael Aquino, founder of Temple of Set, well known Satanist and high up government official, wanted to know if the rituals that he and his group were performing could be done mentally- by simple thought, and prove to be as effective. The Law of Cause and Effect dictate that the rituals that they enacted and the energy that they generated has effects, and though most people think that prayer and positive thinking are the only way ritualistic thinking works, I assure you that the rituals in black magic have the same effect- and work just as well. However, Aquino and his friends wanted to know if they could control mind over matter.

In my experience, it is not so much controlling energy as it is working with it in order to influence a desired outcome. We all have energy forces around us and we all have auras and such- otherwise people couldn’t take pictures of it. We all have a life force that generates energy that goes out and influences the world around us. Although most of the time this is a simple psychological phenomenon, as we manifest the world in which we live through our thoughts and actions, the group that trained me wanted to see how far a person would be able to take this if put through enough that they were forced to start using the dormant part of brains. Breaking the mind down, trying to understand it, and then building it back up in such a way that could be controlled by individual handlers was the goal from what I have garnered, and it has been incredibly effective in my personal experience.

The Satanic aspect of my background is pretty undeniable when you consider that my main handler was Michael Aquino himself, still I have often discredited that part of my history as nothing more than people playing mind games in order to prevent survivor’s to know just what was real and what wasn’t. However, as I have gotten older, I realized that the rituals that were performed were incredibly specific, and therefore the energy that they created was also quite specific. For example- I have spoken before how the group “bound” themselves to me through many child sacrifices and blood rituals. Although it was not me specifically they were worshiping but rather the entity they believed lived in my father, which they were convinced would inhabit me in my future, but at the time it was nonetheless me that they bound themselves too. Now I don’t want to get into a long conversation right now about possession, but I have experienced it to be far more real than I had ever given it credit for- although I must admit that it is usually the hardest thing for people to wrap their heads around, showing the truth that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was creating the illusion that the fallen don’t exist. Despite all that and whatever you might personally believe, the fact remains that there are those who adhere to practices most would rather deny, and, as a group- they performed rituals that bound their life forces over to me.

Aquino wanted to know if mind could influence matter. Yes. He wanted to know if a person could get into another’s head and, for example- help encourage them not to sleep. Yes. He wanted to know if individual choice could be eradicated and controlled. The answer to that is no. It also never occurred to him that those he taught to do such things would become strong, join together, and rise against them in such a way that they could not help but be overcome. This is why they are running for the shadows now- when their history back in the late 80’s and early 90’s was to parade it all around like it was some joke. It worked stupendously at the time- however, we are in a different time- and the internet has changed everything. (Of course- the whole argument that it was the media was what encouraged our history with “satanic panic” doesn’t really make sense considering that everything that was presented about it was done in such a way that dismissed the claims as ludicrous- like Geraldo and his fiasco. Doing more to discourage the claims rather than promote it- let me also remind you that it happened at a time BEFORE the internet- so if it wasn’t the media that caused all of the abuse allegations- then the question remains WHAT DID?).

There are sensible reasons for what happened, although the ideology is out in left field, but when all other avenues have been explored- it is the only answer that makes sense. The fact is- our government used innocent civilians in a campaign of torture of originated right out of Nazi concentration camps in order to explore and design to control the workings of their subject’s minds. This was done within a campaign of silence and disinformation in which the media was used to quiet the claims, while laws were enacted to prevent such claims from ever being investigated, not to mention treated. There is AMPLE evidence to show the truth in all of this- and it is within the history of events that the truth will finally be realized.

People like Aquino- well; they will probably stay quiet forever- which will end up being their downfall. Teaching me how to work with the darkness, it should come as no surprise that I would use it against them now that I have begun to master it. Like many of us have. Light dispels dark, education dispels ignorance, and energy always returns to its owner. As such, I will say it again Michael- Come Clean or Be Claimed.

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