Todays Info on What is Happening with Regards to Det. John Pankonin- Judge Marlon Polk, and Mayor Suttle regarding My Family’s Involvement in a Child Trafficking Ring

Yesterday I was despairing and angry and so I left this message on Facebook:

“Lets be honest- other than a tabloid sense of curiosity- most could care less about the world around them. Child trafficking means NOTHING until it happens to a person- and then they want to cry and bitch never considering that they could have done something to prevent it. America is full of bitches- we bitch about the presidency and the world around us while we sit around and watch tv and wish for the next fun thing to happen to us. Generally speaking- NO ONE REALLY CARES WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO IT. Not enough to get off their butts and do anything. Question is- why should I? Don’t have an answer to it- but since I don’t have kids and NEVER will have kids- why the hell should I care so much? Probably shouldn’t. Screw the world- let it burn and everyone in it.”

This morning, however, I decided that this was being too much of a victim in what I am dealing with, and so- instead of just expressing my anger- I have decided to explain why I was so embittered yesterday.
To understand what I am going through, one needs to understand the situation and the fact that I have come up against nothing but a systematic cover up when it comes to having my father and his family investigated for child trafficking. The Nebraska State Patrol has been HEAVILY involved with this- with at least two people that I know of- Bob Frank, cold case detective in Lincoln, and Det. John Pankonin, cold case detective in Omaha- assigned to the Ricky Chadek case.

After reporting what I did to Bob Frank about my father and step mother- he, in turn, helped my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter file two police reports against me- neither of which I knew about until she took me to court to get a protection order from me over the three times in six years we have accidentally run into each other. That order was granted by Judge Marlon Polk- of course, I had ALREADY been working with Det. John Pankonin at the time- who didn’t bother to show up at the hearing. Since granting my stepmother the protection order and involving himself In my life, I decided that Judge Marlon Polk wanted to be involved- and since then- I have made it my business to fax his office detail after detail of my father’s family’s involvement in a child, drug, and gun trafficking business. Of course- NOTHING had been done up till now- and so Judge Marlon Polk has proven that he will only get involved to keep things quiet- rather than actually look into anything.

Det. John Pankonin is a whole different matter. Contacting me after I made a HUGE issue about all of this with the Omaha police, (since my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter was once again working with them trying to cause problems for me), Mayor Suttle’s office, and with the office of Judge Marlon Polk on my website- one of the first things Det. Pankonin asked me to do was publish something as to how the police were actually working with me instead of against me- like I had been saying. This should have been a red flag, but I complied nonetheless, because what else was I going to do?

Meeting me out west at the Nebraska State Patrol office after speaking on the phone, we discussed a few particulars of my case against my parents and I gave him one of the first copies of my book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story. Explaining my frustration with the police and the fact that Bob Frank was filing police reports on me that no one was bothering to inform me about when all I wanted was for my family to be investigated, Pankonin did his best to placate me during our hour long meeting.

That was when he wasn’t leaving the room and having me sit there by myself. He spent most of his time talking to me staring at his computer screen- which he never touched, and each time he made some inane excuse to leave the room, the second being a good fifteen minutes, I got this weird impression that he wanted me to get up from where I was sitting and LOOK at his computer- which I didn’t do. For two reasons- first, it would irritate me to have someone look at my computer screen, and secondly- it is simply BAD MANNERS. Not that I haven’t since been interested in what he was so put out for me to see, but my point is- it has been nothing but a game with these people.

The second time and last time I ever met with Det. John Pankonin was when he extracted my DNA from me. DNA had been left on the body of Ricky Chadek- and I was bound and determined to have mine tested against it to see if my father or brother could have been involved in the abduction and murder of the little boy. What I said to Det. Pankonin was enough to have him ask me to sign a paper offering my DNA, and since he said he was willing to perform such an expensive test to check, I had to assume that he took seriously the things that I said about my family.

I was later proven incorrect on that one. Calling me a few months later- he told me that the test results had come back negative and asked me to keep it confidential- which I have until now. Questioning my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and quizzing me on what medications I am on- since he asked me to keep the results of my DNA quiet- he has gone out of his way to try and prove arguments that my stepmother has against me, indicating that ONCE AGAIN the Nebraska State Patrol is working with my stepmother and not with me. Arguments like “I am so full of hate that it makes me crazy” and trying to insinuate on the phone that I am unstable- although I am in therapy with professionals and have been speaking out as a speaker at several national conferences about child trafficking and such and have not given anyone EXCEPT my stepmother and her police friends the impression that I am “off my rocker”. In fact- quite the opposite, however- it was telling which side Det. Pankonin’s bread is being buttered in this situation.

So what does one do in this kind of situation? I wish I knew- which is why I was so angry yesterday at God and the world. God help those parents who lost those two girls in Iowa who were cousins- because now that the Omaha FBI, (who was and is in charge of the situation),has botched things up so bad- chances are they will NEVER have any answers to what happened to those two girls. The local officials- such as Judge Marlon Polk, and Mayor Suttle, and Det. John Pankonin and his buddies at the Nebraska State Patrol DO NOT WANT TO INVESTIGATE any claims such as this. A cold case department that hasn’t solved a case in DECADES, if ever, is not much of a department- and anyone in the real world would have been fired long before. Not asking ONE question, by his own admission, Det. Pankonin never bothered to go check with the oriental Methodist Hospice nurse named Janey who took care of my father in his last days and LISTENED to what he was saying. Never going out and looking into any of my concerns- Det. Pankonin has simply just asked me to contact him should I find out anything about the Ricky Chadek case- becoming indignant when I informed him that I was NOT in this to make friends and instead was demanding that this all be investigated. Of course- I could have just pissed into the wind- I would have made more of an impact than I ever have with Pankonin or the Nebraska State Patrol.

However, if my past has taught me anything- it is that I am not a victim, and although it doesn’t make me popular, becoming a bulldozer gets results, and that is what I am primarily concerned with right now. So for the time being, on I am going to take a break from dealing with extraneous issues and get back to the nitty gritty on what is going on in Omaha NE concerning child trafficking- and our local officials flat out refusal to effectively research any of the previous claims that have been made by me- and MANY OTHERS. It is an election year- and if my training taught me anything as a child- it was to take advantage of every possibility in order to achieve my goal- and exposure of the truth just might help with that. No more am I angry with God- in fact- I am not angry at all. What you all are going to see is my DETERMINATION. One man can change the world- and BY GOD I am going to do what I can to prove that to the people around me.

One last thing- let me remind you Det. Pankonin, Judge Marlon Polk- and Mayor Suttle- that you all are PUBLIC SERVANTS- by your choice. That means you SERVE THE PUBLIC, of which I am one of. So let us see if I can put a fire under all of our asses and turn up the heat enough to either get you to DO SOMETHING, or boil you alive. Again- it will be your choice. I’ll make sure that I keep you all abreast as the upcoming developments- the least of which is that I am hosting a conference on child trafficking that has an INCREDIBLE roster in October, so if you are going to make me out to be crazy- I suggest you hurry up because in less than two months I am about to inform Omaha professionals exactly what has been fought against for so long. I have a feeling after they are exposed to the truth- that it is going to be a bit harder to nay say what I am saying- and RIGHT BEFORE AN ELECTION YEAR. You gotta love it!!

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