A Recap of Last Weekend’s SMART Conference in Hartford, CT

The SMART conference this past weekend was astounding- and in my impression, it was the best conference yet. No longer were we victims, nor were we trying to justify or explain ourselves this year, and, in fact, the whole attitude had changed from needing vindication to one where we all want to kick some ass. Able to speak each other’s vocabulary, it occurred to all of us that here we were, all speaking about the same things that happened to us, and yet most of us had never met, nor interacted with each other over the internet- which just solidified the fact that what we are all saying is the truth. In fact, when most of us were abused there WAS NO INTERNET, which was the case when America had the satanic ritual abuse issue become public in the 1980’s and 1990’s, which again showed us all how correct we were in trying to educate those who have no idea what exactly took place.

It is my opinion that what we went through as children was “God’s training camp”, showing us without a doubt the evil that exists out in the world. However, the group in my childhood only chose the best and the brightest, which is why most of survived the way that we did. Teaching us psychic abilities, such as “remote viewing”, and “mind reading/bending”- they enabled us with gifts that kept us afloat even as they tried to drown us in their evil rituals. Those who do not possess these gifts rarely understand what I am talking about, however, this year none of us seemed to be concerned with such things- as WE knew what we were talking about, and that is all that seemed important.

The greatest gift this year for me was this whole sense of responsibility that we survivor’s feel about educating the public while trying to expose and stop all of this from happening to future generations. Coming away with such hope was awe inspiring for me, and listening to the group talk about how we wanted to DO something rather than just concerning ourselves with just our own healing gave me a sense of hope that I have not felt for some time. Compassion and love was even expressed for our abusers this year, as the light in our hearts transcended every aspect of our abuse this year. We were ALL empowered by the spirit of the Light, and it was almost palatable with all of us this year.

Survivorship was kind enough to share a rough draft of the video they began making at the last conference in May- and to say that it is powerful is not giving it enough credit. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF OUR TIME- and everyone knew it because you could feel it in the air around us. I haven’t laughed or smiled as much as I did this past weekend for a long time, and at one point I expressed how much my face hurt from smiling so much. Instead of being afraid of ourselves, we are finally coming into our own, and in doing so, we are all reclaiming the power that they attempted to strip from us as children.

So what’s next? Well, a bunch of us are going to work on developing a curriculum that entails the history of ritual abuse and satanic ritual abuse, as well as dealing with all the particulars of such abuse so that we can go around the nation and start educating the public, as well as professionals, as to what to look for- how to identify- and what to do when RA or SRA becomes evident. No longer are we going to run in fear from the False Memory Foundation- as their history has proven them to be irrelevant and incorrect, and because of this- we are going forward full throttle in educating the masses as to what really happened and why it was fought with such ferocity. No longer are we going to be denied- but rather than fighting back, we are simply going to do our best to address the ignorance that has been publically promoted for so many years.

We were successful in changing ourselves, and now we are ready to change the world. Can I get a loud and joyful “AMEN”?

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