Why I Have the Issues With Noreen Gosch That I Do…

I first met Noreen Gosch along with John DeCamp, who had invited himself to lunch with us, about 4 ½ years ago at my favorite Vietnamese eatery I knew of in West Omaha. We spoke of my involvement with Franklin and how closely interconnected with the people running things were with my family, and of course we spoke of her abducted son, Johnny Gosch.

During the course of talk, Noreen told me that Johnny had turned and embraced the “other side” in that he was now behind the camera instead of in front of it. Knowing what happened to the abducted children who became too “hot” to handle and the ultimately untimely death most of them faced, I doubted her story but decided that this was a grieving mother, so who was I to argue.

The preceding months I did what I could to advocate for her, including writing a letter to her ex-husband who she reports in her book and on the net sold their son into slavery. Assuring him that he would come to justice, I was just as sharp with him as I was with ex-police chief Robert Wadman when I confronted him, sending the emails to Noreen as I received them from Wadman. Knowing what I do, it was pretty easy to confront those involved with the truth, and Noreen “befriended” not only me, but my older sister as well.

Calling her late at night- after my sis had taken her meds- Noreen plied my sister for information night after night, even when I asked Noreen to lay off my sister because it was making my sis agitated talking about all about our past right before she was going to sleep. She was especially interested in a group of brother’s who were reportedly involved with her son’s abduction, as well as my boss at the now extinct Stagedoor bar, who was implicated as well.

It was during this time that it began to occur to me that the things that I speak about in my book Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, are not all that secret in Omaha, and I began to wonder why a thirty year old investigation hadn’t produced the real story- when it was and has been out there all along? It was also when I realized that Paul Bonnaci was the first person to complain about DID in the nation, and it was his testimony and all the chaos surrounding his Grand Jury inquiry that fueled the False Memory Foundation to start dismissing abuse allegations all over the nation. His case was the prototype to the whole mess- and suddenly- our media and government began to claim that parents and therapists were in some conspiracy to bring down their daycares with complaints of child abuse, all of whom claim to be victims of DID. In black and white- it looks ridiculous- but honest to God, this is basically what happened in a nutshell.

When I started to express my questions, suddenly I had a group of people- including Noreen Gosch and members of my family, along with certain leaders in a chat room, claiming that I was a lying crazy pedophile who couldn’t be trusted. Never ONCE arguing against the claims that I was making, they choose to attack me personally with malicious lies in order to discredit anything and everything that I was trying to accomplish (which, at that time, was just simply to put it all together in my mind). Noreen, under the pseudonym Luke, attacked me over and over- continuously telling me that I had no idea where and how the investigation has been pursued over the years, and would become spitefully angry when I pointed out that NOTHING has come out in thirty years, again wondering how this was even possible.

The crescendo of the situation was when my stepmother gave mine and my families social security numbers to my niece, who was in definite contact with the moderator of the website that all this was occurring on, a woman named Rachel Bengly- who in turn, over the chat, gave them to Luke aka Noreen. All of this was an attempt to intimidate me and try to shut me down, but what it did was enrage me to the point of illness. All of this is documented, as I had to contact Homeland Security and report it as identity theft.

Often taunting me online, while I was banned and unable to respond in order to defend myself, Luke aka Noreen Gosch told me that I was “way out of my league” and that “I had no idea what I was playing with”. Hardly the reaction of a grieving mother who was searching for answers about her son, but that was when I realized the brilliance of what Noreen Gosch has done all these years.

If I wanted to keep all of this quiet- and wrapped up in so much chaos that no one could possibly decipher what was really happening, I would give the reins to someone who other’s wouldn’t question- and what better than a grieving mother whom, with her stories of her son coming back at 27 and tons of conspiracy stories she has connected with Omaha, NE- most people assume she is off her rocker, especially after they read her poorly written book “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home” in which she details her husband supposedly taking a “double” of Noreen to John DeCamp’s office. (Notice how all of the stories are verified by the same people involved with this crap).

It was when several people made a positive ID of my brother Stephen, who attended a private conference on Johnny Gosch down in Florida the November before my father died in 2006, and knowing that my father was trying to come clean at this time, that I started to become wary of Noreen, who seemed aggressively disinterested in the “coincidence”. However, it has been the repeated attacks that have brought me to the point where I feel the need to speak out.

I firmly believe that Noreen Gosch is a gatekeeper- providing so many bizarre stories that it is hard to take her seriously, but since she has wrapped her son into the events of Omaha NE- I have the opinion that this is done on purpose- in order to encourage people from really examining closely the events that transpired in Omaha. Events that ARE NOT secret, even today, in Omaha. Those who were around remember, and they are talking- and reading my book- and remembering. It will be through a grass roots effort that people will come forward and talk, and that is what I am doing now- helping people to remember the TRUTH of what happened- instead of all the tall tales that don’t make one ounce of sense- considering that this case is going on thirty years without a public break at all. My hopes that I can change that- and to do so, it is my conviction that I MUST separate an abduction that occurred in West Des Moines from clouding the issues of what was really happening here in the heartland of Omaha, NE. That does not please Noreen Gosch- but at this point- I must admit that I honestly do not care.

Sent to me after I published this article… I agree with it, and so I wanted to add it.

you are entitled to your opinion and must move forward. I believe they don’t investigate this omaha crime ring, because it goes all the way to the white house and implicates current members of our congress and senate and HW Bush. Right now, they are busy creating HW’s legacy, as he is nearing death. I believe it is the same reason Penn State stops with Sandusky and Peterno….because again it reaches into our higher institutions. This is the coverup. This is why there is no investigation.

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