A New Post By Noreen Gosch/Luke on Franklinfiles.net Slamming Me Yet Again

Lukej: he is not factual at all.
1. Noreen spoke to his sister once… it was approx. 7:30 pm … not the middle of the night

1. My sis told a much different tale- and I believe my sis more. Also- other people fielded the phone calls and say a different tale as well.

2. John Gosch Sr. did have an imposter for Noreen, twenty five people all met her and was told she was noreen Gosch. She now lives in Texas and had a stroke when she discovered her photo was in Noreen’s Book.

2. i can’t even comment on the validity of this- although it sounds incredible.

3. David originally called Noreen to talk to her, Noreen did not call him.

3. This is true. Noreen also told me that my father called her months before, but she didn’t understand what he was trying to say until she met me and heard what I was saying.

4. David gets most all of his information from his “shama
n” when the individual goes into a trance and spews forth trivia, David then runs around like Paul Revere and blasts as though it is truth.

4. This is ridiculous- but it is also an indication that Noreen has been in touch with my father’s family- as this is THEIR argument as well. No one who reads my book will believe this statement.

5. David Shurter wants to discredit Paul Bonacci’s account of Johnny’s kidnapping, which is well documented.

5. No it isn’t- it is just a collection of tapes that he talks about details of the stuff that is going on. There is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND- that Paul was involved- just not the way he makes everyone think.

6. He seems to derive great fun out of doing this and making all these claims however he has no truth in his statements.

6. I have no humor with any of this, as anyone who knows me will tell you. Noreen is a bad guy in this- in my opinion- and I know for a fact that she is a liar. The fact that she must post under a fake name is indication of this.

7. Noreen has done more for missing and abused children in 30 years than Shurter will ever do.

7. Give me some time Noreen- but the issue is that people are starting to listen to the truth- and your story simply does not make sense.

8. Noreen does not communicate with David at all, yet he continues to attack … only dogs do that or wild animals.

8. Yeah- Noreen doesn’t attack- but then- what is this post that she posted? It is indication that she is out of touch with her own actions. I write these posts because Noreen can not HELP but respond- and it helps my case by showing her mindset.

9. Noreen does not care what he does in Omaha regarding his work ….

9. Good- so keep Johnny Gosch out of it and we will be fine. However- I think there is a GREAT DEAL MORE to your story than you or your ex-husband have ever told.

10. David does not have any information as to the evidence compiled in the Johnny Gosch Case.

10. Evidence that is secret from the public. Only Noreen knows- and new evidence is pouring fourth every day- or so she tells the media.

11. People should not be fooled by his ranting, he probably needs to have an increase in his
medication again.

11. Again- another attack. I guess Noreen considers herself a wild animal- I mean- what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Lukej: 12. David likes to taunt and threaten people, also a factor of his mental state.

12. I taunt you Noreen because you can’t help but rise to the occasion every time- which makes me wonder if you don’t have a drinking problem. No one would blame you- but remember this- your son is the victim- not you.

13. David’s latest threat about trying to blast Johnny’s case out of Omaha … Yada yada yada, is such an idiotic statement it is almost humorus. No one cares! It has been 30 years since Johnny was kidnapped. Go for it David… No one cares. Johnny’s case is what it is at this time. He need not worry that anything with Johnny’s case would steal the attention he seeking so desperately.

13. I could care less about recognition, which is why I am hosting a conference bringing survivors and professionals together so that they can compare notes. A conference, by the way- I am NOT speaking at. If I wanted the attention so bad- I would think that it would be the other way around.

14. David complained that John DeCamp invited himself to a lunch a number of years ago… well David John DeCamp paid for your lunch…. Get over it. Good lord ,
People wake up and think for yourself. Noreen has absolutely no communication or dealings with David Shurter, nor does the Johnny Gosch Foundation. We are too busy helping other families such as the two missing girls in Iowa. We work on many cases. David’s rantings are just that RANTINGS and it is nothing new. That ship sailed years ago folks.
I hope you have a good day and this helps you with your question earlier… Anon.

14. You are a liar- and it only took a WEEK TO DECIDE THEY WERE ABDUCTED. Wow- with people such as yourself on the case- it will probably be another thirty years before we know anything about them. You are a media hog- by your own admission- and the things that you are accusing me of- are the very things you are guilty of RIGHT NOW. You, my dear, are batshit crazy as a fox or you are drinking too much.

Go ahead and rise to the occasion Noreen- you know that I will keep emailing the JGosch foundation and keep you informed as to what I am doing.

If I was such a lost case- why are you fighting me so hard? If I am crazy- which I’m not- (and anyone who reads Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story will realize that), why fight so hard? Because you demand the media- and good or bad- you will have it. I knew you would attack me eventually Noreen- you behave like clockwork- and your demeanor as Luke just shows your mental state at this time.

I’ll be in touch.

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