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A New Post By Noreen Gosch/Luke on Slamming Me Yet Again

Lukej: he is not factual at all. 1. Noreen spoke to his sister once… it was approx. 7:30 pm … not the middle of the night 1. My sis told a much different tale- and I believe my sis more. Also- other people fielded the phone calls and say a different tale as well. 2. […]

Why I Have the Issues With Noreen Gosch That I Do…

I first met Noreen Gosch along with John DeCamp, who had invited himself to lunch with us, about 4 ½ years ago at my favorite Vietnamese eatery I knew of in West Omaha. We spoke of my involvement with Franklin and how closely interconnected with the people running things were with my family, and of […]