Occupy Bohemian Grove Party This July Friday the 13th, 2012- July 15th, 2012

The Bohemian Grove is a special place where our rich and powerful meet to illegally establish rules and regulations as to how our government and nation is to be ruled- breaking laws and every treaty we have ever signed with other countries.  The ENTIRE PLACE is secret- and a 24 hour guard looks over the entrance- preventing anyone from getting inside or even too close to the entrance of the grounds.  ALL of what is done within these borders is secret- but what is well known is that strange and secret ritualistic practices occur within the grounds, and it is rumored that children are often abused during these gatherings.  (Personally- anyone who KNOWS of the place knows that these are more than rumors- but until this place is exposed- what happens within its confines WILL STILL BE SECRET AND UNPUBLISHED TO THE PUBLIC EYE ).

You can help expose all of this by attending the Occupy Bohemian Grove Movement on July, Friday the 13th, 2012 – Sunday, July 15th, 2012.  A chance of a lifetime to see and actively  express your distention with a place that epitomizes the problems with our government and its leaders, stop by and listen to what our nation’s activists have to say about the place.

Directions: Use Google’s map for Bohemian Grove, Monte Rio, CA .


     (Russia Today TV sent a Washington, DC film crew last year.
                   Attend and witness what occurs this year, with Occupy
                coming from Portland and from all over Northern California.)
SPEAKERS:  We already have a great list & will send it to you early this week.
                       Several are nationally prominent. Want to speak? Email Doug Millar or Call  ASAP!
SPONSORS: Bohemian Grove/Bilderberg West Coalition
                       * (707) 396-8215 * Email: DougMillarU4J@gmail.com *
Thurs., 6/28 – Greg Zanis grew up in Chicago, with Oprah as his playmate,
                       in the same home. He has developed an electric car & has
                       considered moving to the San Francisco North Bay Area,
                       until the bankSTERS began crushing America’s economy.
Fri., 6/29 – Ron Patton founded www.conspirazine.com & owns “Paranoia”
                  magazine. (He is one of the 5 – 10 leading experts exposing
                  CIA mind control, i.e. Project MKUltra & Project Monarch.
Doug Millar
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