There are those out there who are struggling to pay the bills, who still want to help with our cause.  This is a perfect way to do so- as we need your vote to help fund the Holocaust of Innocence Tour and Documentary Project so that we may educate all of America on the problems of human trafficking and the slave trade within our borders.  This is a worthy cause – and is definitely worth your time to check out the links below and simply vote for us!!


Please vote for FACSA Foundation, Springhill, Louisiana to win the Mission Small Business Grant to further serve more families and communites affected by child sexual assault!


Also- don’t forget to vote for the FACSA Foundation to win a car from 100 Cars for Good, sponsored by Toyota,   on Monday July 9th on Facebook.  Go to

Facebook Toyota 100carsforgood.com app  and ask to be reminded- or just go vote for the FACSA Foundation (Friends and Family Against Sexual Assult) on the 9th of July, 2012.  Thanks- we need all the votes we can get!!

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