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If someone believes this weaponized technology doesnt exist they have their head in the sand or simple dont understand. It has existed since WW 2 . Marconi, the inventor of the radio , and Nicola Tesla discovered microwave pulses and their interferrence with the human mind but didnt pursue its use as a weapon. Real government funded research by DARPA and NASA started in the early 1960s for use in mind control and as a crowd control weapon. Its scientifically called Pulse/Modulating Microwave Radiation .The military uses it in  DEW Directed Energy Weapons. Ive even seen mind control victim Cathey Obrien and Brice Taylor call it “Voice to Skull Technology”. the first known scientists who started this research in mind control from modulating microwave radiation is Dr Ross Adey at the Brain Research Institute of the University of California (an MK Ultra laboratory funded by the CIA in the 1960s).From what i understand ELF Extremely Low Frquency is used by the Navy for communications with submerged submarines. a common vulnerability for nuclear subs during the cold war before the  80s when ELF was invented is their communications. Subs had to surface or tow an antenna bouy behind them at shallow depths to communicate and could not communicate while submerged . This ELF radio communication for subs is what Col Aquino is talking about when he mentions Project Sanguine but its sort of misleading He should know very well the effects of directed energy weapons.

If you want to do alot of reading on microwave mind control research here are some good websites

this is a good pubmed article.pubmed is a database of the US Medical Institutes and Colleges .You can search there for free just search for ELF or pulse modulated microwave radiation

Wikipedia even has an article on this technology

This is a good video if you ignore Mark Sauer who claims Aquino is not a child abuser and Dr Gasman the Psychiatrist who claims this technology doesnt exist and people are making it up to deal with their anger.

The video shows Diana Napolis who is a member of this website she used to frequent here alot .She is a victim of mind control and has taken him to court it literally drove her crazy with this voice to skull technology .People who dont know her might dismiss her as crazy but she seems really sane and informed here .Dr Lin an asian scientist is shown here also who worked on voice to skull technology

David when you said “The noise that it produces is like a mosquito in your head- although the frequencies continually change and has NO DISCERNIBLE rhythm, which keeps your brain continually active and never lets you sleep.” I believe that this is the modulating (changing) frequecies that these scientists are describing . Your inner ear is picking this up  .the tv show Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack had a episode on this phenominon in the early 90s with people who lived near Taos New Mexico back then it was called “The Taos Hum”




Im not a scientist but i do not believe that the HAARP antennas in Alaska are used for mind control simply because it has to be done with a directed energy weapon something smaller that can be physically aimed at someone. HAARP is several hundred square feet of antennas in the middle of nowhere in Alaska. What HAARP is used for is ELF research .It is operated by the ONR Office of Naval Research. HAARP is used to study the effects of radio, radar, and other generated frequencies into the Ionisphere. Anyone who has fooled around with a short wave radio knows that at nighttime you can get better reception on lower frequencies of a shortwave because of the Earth’s distance to the Ionosphere is closer at night. What HAARP does is bombard the Ionosphere with radio waves to measure the disturbace the upper atmosphere has on things like , GPS signals, radio signals ,military satelite communications things like that .The reason that HAARP is in Alaska is that it is a remote location that is free of interference by civilization like tv ,radio stations, cell phone towers.Actually Austrailia has a similar location for an Aussie version of HAARP its located in the middle of the outback and is used for “over the horizon radar detection” of incoming planes ships.Since Austrailia is an island next to the Pacific ocean their land based air defense radar can only see in a straight line a short distance across the Pacific .the curviture of the Earth blocks any low flying planes or ships. Their HAARP bounces radar waves off the Ionisphere to view farther out into the Pacific. This technology they use was developed from the US HAARP antennas in Alaska and copied.

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