Stay Tuned- I Am Going to be Doing a Book Signing at the Next Millennium when I return from Colorado

Well, I am going to try having another book signing in Omaha Nebraska, this time at the Next Millennium, where I will be selling copies of my new book- Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story.  I warned Charlie that he might receive a letter from my wicked stepmother, and he responded by suggesting if that would be so, it would assure him that he is doing the right thing- so SEND AWAY GERRY FRIEDRICKSON, SEND AWAY.


Just to let all of you know- Amazon responded to my stepmother’s letter by telling her that she needed a court order, which is the reason why Rabbit Hole is now both on Amazon and on the Kindle right now.

Such dedication to the truth must be honored- and so I would like to thank Charlie first of all- and second- I would like to share with you his website- as the Next Millennium is one of the BEST stores in town!!

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