Looking for Survivor’s of Franklin Credit Union

Even Nick Bryant- the supposed expert on the subject of Franklin Credit Union, is quoted as saying that there were close to 2,000 victims involved in what happened here 30 years ago, and my mission now is to try and locate and bring out of hiding those strong enough to talk about what happened here in Omaha.  My sis and I are hardly the only survivors of this mess, and so my question to the world is- if you were involved in any way- come forward and contact me.  You can stay anonymous, however, I would like to hear your stories as to what other’s experiences were in all of this mess.

As crazy as some might make me out to be, the fact that the plethora of child murders, other than the two Jubert was convicted of, remain to this day unsolved.  Everyone in my life has told me not to trust the police, but I respond by asking what choice do I have?  However, I do have to admit that it is  true that local law enforcement does not have the reputation for integrity and honesty- ESPECIALLY with regards to Franklin Credit Union, (which is probably why several groups in town are demanding a federal investigation into the behavior of Omaha’s finest), so I am calling out plan B to see if that  has any influence at all.  Considering that Nebraska State Patrolman Bob Frank took my statement and then turned around and help my stepmother fill out two police reports on me without ever informing me of the fact, my personal experiences with local law officials regarding my allegations have been sorely lacking in results, so I can only wonder if things are going the way they always have.

The past DOES make a difference- however long ago it happened, and it MUST be talked about in order to bring it out into the light.  I assure you that no one gets murdered anymore- or commits suicide, which tells me that the other side seems to busy with all of its chaos to really care about a bunch of abused children who are now adults.  Of course- I could always be wrong, but so far, things have been pretty quiet.  We can make a difference if we speak out and talk about what happened in a way that helps people understand.  Maybe the loudest survivor in Omaha perhaps, I am certainly not the only survivor, and it is important for us to bring this to light so that things do not repeat themselves in the shadows of history.

Mail me at David Shurter, P.O. Box 113, Council Bluffs, IA  51503

Or call or text at 402- 740- 6241.

Our silence has only hurt us, and together, we can not only compare notes, but put more of the situation together than we can alone as individuals.  Please help me in bringing out the injustices that occurred here back when many of us were children.  Together we can make a difference.

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