Ritual Abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and Michigan’s history

In the summer of 2006, a man in Muskegon Michigan was arrested for being in a satanic cult and ritually killing children in the area.  I don’t remember his name- or the details- but I know that it was on the CNN website the summer I tried to find out about my father’s will, as I saw the article sitting in my lawyer’s waiting room.  This is significant because Michigan has a history of four children being satanically ritually murdered in the state, (OAKLAND CHILD MURDERS).  Now, since my father grew up in Niles, Michigan- I am left to wonder, knowing what I do of my father, if there is a connection to this and my family as well.

The second situation that needs to be researched is that two years after my brother died in Ocean City, Maryland- a man was busted with a collection of child porn pictures that were ritualistic and satanic in nature.  My brother died in 2008, so this would have been 2010- but my question is could this collection be my brother’s?  Since Ocean City, Maryland is a small place, and there can only be so many pedophiles like my brother, could he have hooked up with this man  before he died and given him his photos, which he like to keep hold of?

These events could be unrelated- but they, in themselves- show that there is a problem with satanic ritual abuse.  Any help identifying the two men I am speaking about would be greatly appreciated, as I didn’t take notes at the time.  I have several researchers looking for these two men- but it is amazing how difficult it has become.  Info on the net should not be so difficult to find.



3/15/2012   Addendum to this posting, sent out to my media contacts and such this morning

The are known as the Oakland Child Killings.  I found this in my notes
this morning, in a letter that I wrote the Michigan police department
after they told me that they didn’t care that my family may have been
involved, since my father and brother are dead.  I, of course,
responded that murdered children matter- and the families of those
children deserve closure.

David Shurter



Same MO to the killings as Ricky Chadek.   The unknown murderer became known as the “Babysitter”, because they were taken care of before they were murdered.  Just like Ricky.  All left to be found.  Just like Ricky.  And all connected to our family- as my father grew up in Michigan, and we traveled often to Omaha.  Maybe they are completely unconnected, but I think there is enough similarities to the incidences that it MUST be looked at, and at this point, CAN NOT be ruled out.

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