Omaha’s Reputation With Regards to Crimes Against Children

Is less than stellar.  Not only do we have a group of murdered children here in town that have NEVER been solved, but even the cases that they do get they fail on.  Perfect example was the case of Amber Harris, who disappeared at her bus stop coming home from school.  Just like Johnny Gosch- she was considered by local police to be a runaway- until someone tripped over her rotted corpse in Hummel Park a few weeks later, (Johnny Gosch was never found).  ONLY THEN DID THEY LOOK INTO IT- AND A WEEK LATER ARRESTED A WELL KNOWN PEDOPHILE WHO LIVED RIGHT ON THE CORNER OF HER BUS STOP.  For whatever reason- Omaha’s finest do not like to look into cases involving children, and when those children DO come forward- like Alecia Owen- who claimed abuse by Robert Wadman, police chief at the time- they end up going to jail for perjury.  ANYONE WHO COMES FORWARD CLAIMING THE PROBLEMS LIKE I HAVE ARE EITHER DEEMED CRAZY OR END UP IN JAIL.  The money behind the people hiding all of this is incredible- and even now people are trying to influence things so that the truth does not come out.  Trying every back door measure that they can, I have my work cut out for me in trying to expose the events as they played out in Omaha so many years ago.  I just wanted to point this out- as I have started to put more of “today’s” events into context.  Again- this could be one of the reasons why three groups in town are trying to get a federal investigation into Omaha’s finest and their code of conduct when it comes to dealing with the general population.  Nothing exists within a vacuum, and I can only guess that since I am doing what I am at the exact same time- this could be viewed as harmful to local officials- who are not in the mood to have their actions questioned.  This, of course, is just my opinion, however- I think it makes perfect sense when you put it in that context.

(I talk of Johnny Gosch because he has DIRECT ties with what was happening in Omaha, even though he was abducted in my aunt’s stomping grounds of West Des Moines).

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