Letter From Joanne C. Shurter and Gerald L. Friedrichsen from Omaha NE

This letter is sent out to everyone who tries to help- so I thought I would spare Gerald the trouble and just publish it on my website.  Of course- I have been working with the Nebraska Douglas County Sheriffs office with regards to my accusations so maybe Gerald would like to get them one as well- as they also are reading and sharing the book.  Anyway- here is the letter that is constantly being sent out- even the women at Sweet Stop who sold me cupcakes got one.  The letter reads as follows….

Re: Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story by David Shurter

Dear Whoever:

I am writing on behalf of Joanne Shurter to direct that neither you nor anyone associated with you publish, sell, distribute or participate in any effort to disseminate through any medium a publication entitled Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, written by David Shurter, that contains statements about Joanne Shurter and her family accusing Mrs. (Robert Lynn) Shurter or members of her family of child abuse, child abduction, child trafficking, pedophilia, rape, and murder.  All are actionable as assertions of civil and criminal misconduct.

Please govern yourselves accordingly.

Very truly yours,

Gerald L. Friedrichsen

For the Firm


Makes you wonder why my stepmother is so desperate to keep people from reading my book.  Funny enough- she is never mentioned by name in the book- nor is my father- but since she and her cousin/lawyer want to send this letter out to anyone and everyone- I thought I would help Gerald and just let people read it for themselves.


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