Naming Names in the Franklin Fiasco

Considering that Kerrey just registered to run for the Nebraska Senate, I can only assume that those who were involved in the whole Franklin fiasco are vying for power once again, and the paranoid part of me wonders if it isn’t some vain attempt to influence Omaha’s  past from coming out.  Heavily involved in “investigating” Franklin, as well as instrumental in its disappearance from the political and media arena, Kerrey’s  history with concerns to all of this is well documented, and can not be denied.

Considering there has been such an attempt to keep all of this quiet throughout the years, I can only assume that such will be the case again, especially now that Rabbit Hole is getting ready to come out.

The fact that Warren Buffet just bought the Omaha World Herald- which was once owned by Harold Anderson who was well known to be involved in Franklin, makes me wonder if there isn’t an attempt to influence opinion again through the local newspaper.  The idea that people would like to keep the past hidden and left  in the past is not an illogical assumption to make, and the fact that the media was so heavily controlled and influenced last time makes me wonder if the same could still be true today.  Those involved with Franklin want the situation to go away- and never in their wildest dreams thought that someone like me would come and lay it all out in a way that is finally understandable.

The key is that you have to follow the money to see who benefited  from the whole situation, and who got the richest at a time when the economy was once again weak.  The cash that was made on gun, drug, and child trafficking was amazing- and made many incredibly rich, which brings me to my next point.

When asked who I am against with bringing all this to light- I have to respond that some of the richest and most powerful men stand against me and getting Rabbit Hole out into the main public.  Take for example Warren Buffet, who just recently purchased the local newspaper and is instrumental to many of the things that happen in our government even today.

The question is- could the richest man in America have made some of his fortune  through bad channels? You can’t tell me that the richest man in America, the Oracle of Omaha, didn’t know what was happening when all the drugs, guns, and children were being trafficked in the 80s. If Franklin comes out- one only has to follow the money to figure out who profited from everything that was happening here, and there are plenty.  But my point is- you can’t tell me that Omaha’s elite don’t know more than they said in the past, when all of this was trying to be investigated, and since that is the case, the question becomes not only why was nothing said before, but  goes onto make one wonder what exactly is it that they recall back when such things were going on in Omaha.  This especially is the case with Warren Buffet.  What does the Oracle of Omaha know about what was going on in Omaha back in the 80’s, when he became so incredibly rich.

If I were to start investigating things, I would wonder how a single pizzeria shop became a national chain over night, and how a  local gay bar became a national phenomenon, and how a certain real estate tycoon gained a strong reputation as a coke czar  that even now is whispered about  in town.  I would simply start following the money.  That is why this has remained so secret all these years, because Omaha’s elite have been able to afford to keep it that way.

However- it just takes one as they say, and considering my place in all this with regards to my family- I guess that is me.  Change is inevitable- and it is coming sooner than any of us are probably comfortable with, but it comes regardless.

It is as I have said- Come clean or Be Claimed, and most of you are old now- considering that I was a child and am now old myself, so I would do so before you run out of time.  It is easier to put a camel through and eye of a needle than it is to get a rich man into Heaven, and this is truer now than it ever has been before.




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