McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe, Tom the Owner, and His Connection to the French Cafe in Omaha NE

After scheduling my book signing for three weeks and then cancelling right at the last moment, I thought that maybe it was because of the letter that my stepmother and her cousin sent McFoster’s that compelled them to cancel.  However, after going to McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe website on Facebook, I discovered that Tom, the owner of McFoster’s, worked for years at the French Cafe here in town.

Here is some info about the time that Tom worked at the French Cafe.  There were three brothers also working at the French Cafe named the Aquazinno brothers (Mike, Tony, and Emilio).  They are important because they are implicated in the abduction and disappearance of Johnny Gosch, from Des Moines IA years ago.  At the same time Tom worked at the place.  Now he will tell you how close everyone was there- so I am left to wonder- did he know about the drugs and kids that were going through the place?  The French Cafe just closed after 40 years, but  since I write about the French Cafe and I have videos on my site about their dealings with all of this, could this have anything to do with Tom’s decision to cancel my signing 30 minutes into it?  How much does Tom know about what was going on with the situations concerning Franklin, esp. since he worked for years closely with an establishment that was most definitely involved?

I was angry about their unprofessional behavior, not to mention their service sucks and the tip is already included in the bill, but now I am left to wonder if there is not something more behind the situation- and why Tom was so incredibly rude after I got there.  Omaha is incredibly connected- and if I were looking to connect the dots in Franklin- I would simply go to the people who are usually so eager to talk about it.  Tom at McFoster’s might be right on top of that list.

Oh- and did I mention that they never pay their taxes and always need help from the community to do so.  Someone the week before my signing suddenly coughed up 15 grand for their taxes anonymously, and still they are holding fundraisers to get more money.  The integrity of the owners is TOTALLY in question.

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