A Spiritual Explanation of Sorts

It begins and ends with Love. Love for the Spirit- Love for Others- Love for Ourselves. Holding this in heart and mind will lead to the road of success, bringing  one always back to the source and offering the blessings of peace. Peace of mind- Peace of heart- Peace of Spirit. Grace for all manifests world peace.

First I searched and found within the understanding and compassionate Father- all knowing and eternally loving. A patient teacher, he helped bring me to embrace the three aspects of the Goddess Sophia. Mother- who nurtures and feeds me, Maiden- who shares her love and council with me, and the Warrior Brighid- who stands pround and fierce with the absolute power of the pure potential of the dark feminine, assuring me that even in the darkest of moments- I AM responsible, I AM strong, and I AM loved.

Life is a celebration. Allowing appreciation for the complex blend of love from the feminine with me offered strength and comfort, helping the masculine discover the power in humility- becoming vulnerable enough to let me let God help me manifest my life within and without- any moment I choose- knowing that every moment is a choice and I AM responsible for my choices, for we all reap what we sew.

As a Shaman, I believe that the kingdom of Heaven is within. It is within that one finds God. In my journeys I have met guides and angels who have helped in leading me further and farther within so that I may better understand myself. Through and beyond the depths of despair- in the glistening darkness of pure potential grows the Tree of Life. Enveloped in the silence, st in quiet contemplation, breathing deeply- embracing and releasing- for it is here that one hears God. In letting go- we are shown the wonderments of the universe and the glories of life- which, in turn, brings us back to Love.

It is easy to become distracted with wildflowers in the labyrinth of the soul- but in every direction there are the signs of Love- giving direction and answering the question of the meaning of life- echoing the joy for the opportunity of our obligation to bring love and compassion as light bearers to the dragon within ourselves- while offering encouragement, love and forgiveness to those around us. Stimulating spiritual evolution through personal enlightenment and transforming us with the realization that within and without- there is nothing but God, and God is Love.

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