Changes in the US TRC

So big changes have been happening with the United States Truth and Reconciliation Coalition and it is time to announce what has been going on.

First and foremost- we have gone through a name change.  The United States Truth and Reconciliation Coalition is no longer, but rather- we are now The North American Truth and Reconciliation Coalition.  As a group, we felt that it was important to encompass, not only our fellow Canadian survivors, but we are also exploring changing the mission statement to be more inclusive of all survivors everywhere, as we become more international in our outlook.  We are also looking into other coalitions other than just the  South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission as our model, to glean what was successful with those coalitions,  as we are determined to forge our own path in order to increase public awareness of historical and present-day extreme abuse and human rights violations – including human experimentation, human trafficking, organized ritual crime, and other forms of torture committed by governments, esp. those committed in the US and Canada, and/or by representatives of the US and Canadian governments.

Reaching out to other survivors in the nation, we have added Keely Dorran and Lynn Schirmer to our group.  Keely is a strong activist, and made an incredible video for the UN’s TestifyProject on YouTube, as well as keeping a blog and giving talks when she can.  Lynn Schirmer is a gifted and esteemed artist and advocate, and spoke at last year’s SMART conference- sharing with other survivors her art and vision for a better future.  I feel excited and honored to see such wonderful women added to our group!

The address for the North American Truth and Reconciliation Coalition has also changed.  You may now reach us at

The North American Truth and Reconciliation Coalition

P O BOX 401

Council Bluffs, IA    51502-0401

With our reorganization has come a great opportunity to refocus our mission, and has stimulated a plethora of ideas on how to reach out and educate and stimulate advocacy- and we are really looking forward to helping to reach out and educate, not only the general population, but also other survivors who are searching for answers.  We look forward to bringing to light these deplorable practices and making our world a safer place for our children!

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