An Email to the Media- March 26th 2011

dateSat, Mar 26, 2011 at 10:50 AM
subjectReasons why i believe my father was a child abductor

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There are many reasons why I believe that my father was involved with a child abduction ring- and that he was involved with the death of Ricky Chadek- and the abduction of Jacob Wetterling, and many other abductions that happened in the states surrounding Nebraska and Iowa. There are as many reasons why I think that there is a direrct reason why my claims refuse to be investigated, and what concerns me is that the facts keep changing in these abductions.

Take for example the abductor pics from the Jacob Wetterling case. These have been around for many years- and yet now- in the past couple of years- the facts surrounding this case have changed. Most noteably- now it is being reported that the man was masked. This is a problem for me- esp. considering that the abductor pics that we done look EXACTLY like my father- which is why I uploaded them to my site on last night.

Police are focused on a family of farmers in MN now- and I think that this is a bunch of bunk.

I also believe that the police focusing on a man named Neil Wygert in the death of Ricky Chadek is also bunk. DNA samples have been taken- lie detector tests have been performed- and none of this has been released to the public. I know this because his brother is my group trying to investigate my family and what they were involved with. Their mother identified the body of Ricky- and now it looks as if they are building a case against Neil.

Funny- these cold cases remained cold until a couple of years ago- and now the Ricky Chadek case is hitting the news- and this is all after I have gone on a crusade to have my father and my family investigated.

My family was involved with the men who were involved with the Franklin Credit Union. This whole situation is politically charged- and I assure you that it is going to eventually hit the fan. My father built a sound proof room in his house- he also built a pedestal bed, so keeping children would have been easy for him. Most notably- before he died- he began talking about skeletons in his closet and committing crimes against children. There is a long sordid history to this- but my father was coming clean before he died.

A big blue truck and a white oldsmobile are noted in several abductions- and my father and his wife owned both. I know from experience that they are violent pedophiles- and the fact that my father told people of his activities before he died- which is the whole reason why I believe his wife sealed his medical records from everyone, keeping us from learning who he may have spoken with.

I do not trust law enforcement to act properly in all of this. The situation with my father- and myself- is directly related to a child trafficking and abduction ring- government projects on those children- and drugs coming in from the contras. Omaha has an incredibly corrupt past in the way of Franklin Credit- and up until now- nothing has ever been done about it- other than deny the existence of situations so glaringly obvious that it boggles the mind. However- the time has come for this to actually be looked at.

I am posting this email on my website so others can read this- as well as posting who I sent it too. We are responsible for what we know- and with the emails and all the work that I have been doing with this situation- I am confident that everyone on this list is at least aware of what is going on. In the end- I have a feeling we will be held accountable for what we know.

David Shurter

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