Some Thoughts about the End Of Days

Now that we have all had a good laugh at the latest impending apocalypse theory- I have been left at the question as to why this whole thing got the media attention that it did. Cities are full of people on street corners preaching the same thing, and it must be more than the fact that this particular “prophet” preached his “end of times” understanding by making a date and preaching it on billboards that it got the attention that it did. The man I speak of has done this before yet still made around 70 million from donations, and although we dismiss this as a simple case of fools quickly being parted from their money, this situation goes deeper than that I think. Believing one should always follow the money when it comes to understanding organizations such as this, I find that a group following like this says that a lot more of us than we would care to admit have a belief that we are in the end times. Television is nothing but propaganda, a way corporate America attempts to control us, and I am left with the question as to whether or not the media is trying to naysay this belief that we might be in the last days by trying to inundate the people with idiots, in an attempt to stave off this gnawing fear that things just might get crazier instead of better, somehow signaling the end of days.

With all of the earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, tornadoes, (one of which was a mile and a half wide), and weather the likes of which admittedly none of us have seen before, regardless of which side you stand on the global weather change theory, it is easy to think that we have over extended ourselves on a planet that is having a hard time sustaining a population that is exploding at a time of dwindling resources. Knowing that when a species overpopulates, the earth will respond by knocking down that population, it is hard not to at least think about the inevitable. Considering the damage that we have done already as a species- and the fact that is no hope for change, considering the extreme need we have for those resources- not only for consumption to sustain our lifestyles but also to generate enough money so that our governments don’t collapse, which they seem ready to do at a moment’s notice, we seem to have chosen path which undeniably is going to have consequences. Political systems are much like corporations; they have a life of their own- and none of the world’s governments, given the fact that we all have become global, are interdependent of each other. What happens in one place does and will affect other places, sometimes surprising even the experts. In other words, how many political systems have to fall before we find ourselves in another world war, which is ultimately what our government believes, will help our economy. Regardless of who has been president, or who will be president- the system is in place and it has a life of its own. I believe that ultimately, this too will run its course, and we will find ourselves in yet another war, eventually leading up to the World War III. When resources run out, and they are going too, what choice will we have?

I personally don’t believe that we are in the last days of civilization, yet because of what I grew up with, especially having the exposure to family’s friends that I did, I do believe that we are in a great judgment. Astrologically- it is the epic fight between Ophiuchus and the scorpion, whose stinger he controls, and for us- spiritually, we are reaching a point in the stars where the heart of Heaven is, or at least that was what I was taught by my satanic father and his coven of friends. All the souls are returning in mass at a time that we are reaching a place that promises eternal life. My parent’s friends believed that the antichrist would rise, and take over the world and Heaven at the same time, but for reasons I don’t want to get into, I don’t think that is going to happen. The rapture- the Antichrist- none of this really matters in the real scope of the situation. The world isn’t going to end, mankind will persevere, but not without a bunch of crap happening first. However- I believe that all of us are destined to live through this- until the day we die. Just like I don’t believe in an Antichrist rising to power, I also don’t believe that Jesus is going to break through the 5th dimension and save our asses, now or any time in the future. This is our test, and we are all eventually going to have to make a real choice as to whether we live in the light or the dark, or that choice will be made for us. For whatever reason, this time around really REALLY matters and we are all being judged for our actions at a time that energy seems to be moving faster.

The spiritual happens inside, and since that is the case, it takes a great deal of effort to know oneself in order to have enough faith in ones self and the Kingdom of Heaven within them. This sounds like mystic jabber, but ultimately, this is what most of the spiritual texts that we have boil down too. God works within us to help us transform our lives, but it depends on the choices we make that make the difference in the end. That is why faith is so hard- because believing that the Kingdom of Heaven is within has a tendency to add a bit more responsibility in the whole matter, realizing that my thoughts and actions manifest my reality. At least that is what I believe. My life has been a succession of choices since the time I can remember, just as it is with us all.

With the past few earthquakes, the Earth’s rotation is faster, (a scientific fact), which doesn’t help things in my opinion. Life seems faster, out of control almost, and with the media promoting every disaster and indiscretion that our leaders and those we look up to with verbosity that is sickening; we are left with no real leaders to follow except those whom I would consider false prophets. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, thus many great men are not good men. Following anyone human being, and giving up responsibility for realizing the power within you, is unproductive to a rich spiritual life in my opinion. The Kingdom of Heaven is within and we are all responsible for finding that which dwells within ourselves. All of our leaders of late seem to be narcissistic, self-absorbed and totally human- and as such, I have decided that perhaps it means I need to find my leader somewhere else. Within is the only place I figure I have left.

In the society in which I was raised, I have come to the conclusion that the world can be a really evil place, but it can also be a really wonderful place, and the only thing that matters are the choices we make during each of those experiences, regardless of where we find ourselves. The only thing we can be sure of is that things can change, as my mother used to say, in a “new york minute”. However or why ever life is playing out as it is, it does seem that things are getting a bit out of control, and are just this side of blowing all too hell. However, because of my life experiences, and because I have the spiritual practice that I have, I feel like I must share some of what I have learned throughout my experiences, to help put my beliefs into perspective.

It is simple really. First of all- the first commandment is Love. It isn’t new, it isn’t New Age, and in my opinion, it isn’t that hard to comprehend. Practice it in everything that you do- especially where your enemies are concerned. It has been my experience, with those that I have been able to do it with, is that when you lay down your weapons and you get to know your enemy, you might realize that you have more in common than you ever thought possible. At the office, at home, DRIVING; in everything you do practice love.

Second, the kingdom of Heaven is within. It is within that one finds God. Just like when I tell people that, for me, life is not black and white but Technicolor, I have found the kingdom of Heaven to be just as multidimensional and sometimes it takes a while to figure out the nuances of the situations I am in. The old saying “Just as within, so as without” is also something to consider. That is why personal manifestation is so important- because our choices have consequences, and we have learned that the unexamined life generally repeats previously learned behavior. This process of introspection is not an easy one, and it takes a lot of dedication and daily practice, especially in the most trying situations, but no one is exempt from the reality of the consequences of their behavior. Ultimately, you get what you give- it is just that this time in history, spiritually, for whatever reason, it means more than it has in the past. Things are coming back at a much faster rate. Of course I am speaking of Karma, but all the spiritual text talk about it. You get what you give, and what you do returns to you significantly faster and harder than what you gave out. In the end, we reap what we sew.

One of the basics of the Muslim religion is this belief that you must defend and protect those who cannot do so themselves. I say this because I found it to be interesting, as this is also a strong belief for those who practice Judaism and Christianity as well. Help your fellow man when you can, and stop worrying about the financial ramifications of it. Paying it forward isn’t just a cool movie or a pleasant thought- it is actually expected in the spiritual scope of everything. We get what we give; it’s as simple as that.

It is true that some of the teaching I grew up with held the time around 2012 of some great importance, and I have a tendency to agree of the gravity of that date, not because I believe that the world will end but that it will be the first time that we will be at a time when our old prophets have run their course. Undeniably, through our legends, 2012 is a date that sticks in all our minds for a reason, and I wonder what life is going to be like after. Considering the situations we are finding ourselves in, I have a tendency to tense up if I think too much about it, because in my opinion where we are heading is not good- as a people, as a nation, and as a species. Not because I believe that the Antichrist is going to rise, but rather, it is my opinion that where we end up as a whole will be a series of choices, and I believe that we have allowed ourselves as a whole to be suckered into believing in a destructive self-fulfilling prophecy that could simply be changed by acting differently. As it is now, the future is full of fear for many people. However, it is best to remember the old saying- “there will be wars, and rumors of war- but be not afraid for I am with thee”. Made from stardust- each of us has the kingdom of Heaven within us, and as such, we have the ability to do amazing things if we only believe; which includes bringing about our own destruction as well as finding redemption. In the end- the choice will personally be up to each one of us, as the only thing we are all assured of is that eventually we are all going to meet our maker. This should be more of a concern than any impending apocalypse that mankind might face in the future. That is just my opinion anyway.

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