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Ya, I’m Still Angry You Threw Issac Kappy Off a Bridge

  Links are below the YouTube video in the description.

Email to Local Law Enforcement About this Weekend’s Activity

🙊 ng About My Bond with the Darkness

New Developments

    But of course the real question is why would it matter if he was drunk?

An Explanation of Events Happening With My Local Law Enforcement

  Remembering When They Blew Up the Gas Station Across the Street From My House  

A Message To My Local Law Enforcement


New Communication With My Local Law Enforcement

Just keeping it above board…

Again, Just Saying

Telling Aquino and His Friends the Truth


My Access to Facebook Has been Blocked

Their actions aren’t new. They did this to my Gmail account that my YouTube account was connected to to stop me. They’ve broken into my blog and rewrote my book and God knows what else. They even broke into my Proton mail account, and I didn’t think that could even be done. In the End, […]