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You Can See I’m a Bit Irritated Today-People Who Support Meth Heads and or Satanists Suck IMO

At The End, Michael Aquino Figured Out What I Did and How I Used My Training

be sure of what you hope for and certain of what you can not see- this is faith.

It IS a Spiritual War After All

To Shelby County IA Sheriff Neil Gross- If I Were You I’d Take This Video Quite Seriously For what it’s worth, I know neither choice will be easy and I’m sorry- but I know you have it inside you to see this through correctly.

As Far as the Gas Station Explosion – This Was the 2nd Blast 9.5 Min After the First

<span;>I actually didn’t hear the first blast as I had JUST put my head under the water in a shower I had JUST gotten into. All About that Gas Station Explosion

This Will Be The Last Video I Am Going to Do for the Foreseeable Future

  This is a screen shot of Shane Bugbee’s article. Shane was co founder of the Satanic Temple along with Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves, until Mr. Bugbee left. Here is why, in his own words… And just for the record- I’ve neither reached out too nor have I ever spoken to […]

New Video- Dealing With the Free Range Humans Article- My Side

Dealing With the Free Range Human’s Article A few things I missed. This Free Range Human woman contacted ME- not the other way around. I had only spoken to her for a short while before Zachary came out to film my documentary. She set HIM up- convinced me he was bad- and I told him […]

It’s THIS Kind of Thing that Got Lucien Greaves’s Pedophile Protection Squad to Make a Video Calling Me a Super Sorcerer

Matt Gaetz- this video should interest you. What I claim in this video, in my past experience, will become self-evident sooner than later. But I wait with bated breath. LOL. Just saying. Oh, and it is NOT that I haven’t done what I explain in this video before- to a LOT of people. I just […]

Death is Coming- and Not Just for Me

I’ve Been Told By Several People I Have Some Explaining to Do- So Here is My First Attempt

David Shurter on the John B Wells Show The REAL Extended Version of Rabbit Hole: Confessions of an Anti Christ The Jacob Wetterling Abduction Case ISN’T Solved, and I Am Not the Only One Who Disagrees With the FBI’s Conclusions

Hey Shelby County IA Sheriff Neil Gross-We May Finally Be Able To Deal With Each Other Directly

If tonight’s city council vote goes the way everyone thinks, and your department absorbs the local police department. Then you don’t have to go after my dying disabled elderly sister anymore. You and I can deal with each other directly. And there won’t be anymore of this “I can’t deal with you directly because you […]