Important Videos

For the Record, The Phoenix Enigma (Goatman) and the Goblin Dowd Did NOT Murder Issac Kappy


The Phoenix Enigma Admits Working With Glenna the Bad Witch-(and There’s 1000 Missing Kids in Ohio)


What Happened to Issac Kappy At the End Was Much Worse Than Anyone Thought; But They Face Worse


My Opposition Is Flooding the Zone to Discombobulate the Issues-Let’s Get to the Brass Tacks Instead


“Satanic Panic” Can’t Even Be Argued Considering a Satanic Nazi Pedo Ring Got Busted in September


And Here Is the Whole Story Concerning the Murder of Issac Kappy Complete With Details+ Perps Names


Since Everything is Just a Series of Coincidences Regarding That Gas Station Explosion-Lets Count Em


Let Me Be Crystal Clear About Me, This Satanic Nazi Pedo Group, and My Local Law Officials-With Pics



Investigating Satanic Nazi Child Predators? I’d Start With Lucien Greaves and His Satanic Temple!


This Recent Article in the Guardian Is Why Their Attacking in My vids About Issac Kappy


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