To My Local Sheriff Dept- Damn- Is Or Really So Difficult To Just Leave Me Alone?

I’ve had to install cameras all around my property- because of the constant harassment. Now it seems the SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT seems to want to follow me around and try to intimidate me.

I’m not going to shut up about that gas station explosion…

All About that Gas Station Explosion

Remembering When They Blew Up the Gas Station Across the Street From My House

And I have been nothing but UPFRONT with my local law officials- Sherriff Neil Gross and Harlan Chief of Police Dereck Yamada everything that is going on around me- but from what I can see- they are PART OF THE PROBLEM. They are HELPING in trying to shut me up.

What do you do when your local police are WORKING with the bad guys? And there is A LOT OF MONEY behind the group that my family was involved with trafficking children.

OF COURSE I believe in God. It is the only aspect of all of this that gives even a modicum of hope in all this. Who can stand against the Beast? Me. But ONLY with the help of God.

Which is probably why- in the group of us that tried to expose this- I am the ONLY ONE left alive. For how long- is up to God however…

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